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  • Various Artists

    published December 18, 2002

    There's something about Christmas compilation CDs that can really bring out the cynic in a person. Do major-label heads really care about holiday... More >>

  • Octopus Project with Fred's Variety Group

    published October 23, 2002

    Self-described as "that band that hooked up their half-broken electronic shit all wrong," the Octopus Project somehow manages to discover... More >>

  • Maserati with the Paper Lions and Southern Rise

    published October 9, 2002

    Finally having the good sense to realize that all those sappy words can just get in the way sometimes, a steadily growing number of instrumental... More >>

  • Little Grizzly

    published August 7, 2002

    OK, folks, it's time for another round of indie-rock Jeopardy! The answer is "a Denton, Texas, based indie-rock band, playing Friday at... More >>

  • Bratmobile with the Washdown

    published July 10, 2002

    "Yes, yes," you're saying. "Bratmobile was that one band from the early '90s that helped start the whole riot-grrl thing. If I recall... More >>

  • Dressy Bessy

    published June 12, 2002

    When indie-rock dorks talk about "pop music," they're usually talking not about Destiny's Child or Britney but about Beatle-esque (or at least... More >>

  • Orthrelm with Brain Transplant and the Commons

    published May 29, 2002

    Well, it turns out that the new basement bar at Lemmons and the fabled basement bar at the old Cicero's have even more in common than... More >>

  • 2002 Riverfront Times Music Award Winners

    published May 15, 2002

    St. Lunatics Best Rap, Recording of the Year It's been a very good year for the St. Lunatics, individually and collectively. In the... More >>

  • The Eyeliners, with the Ded Bugs and Picture Book of Saints

    published April 3, 2002

    Check out the songs listed on Sealed With a Kiss (Panic Button/Lookout Records), the new album by Chicago's Eyeliners, and you'd be... More >>

  • Team USA

    published March 13, 2002

    Formed at Washington University in the glorious indie-rock days of the mid-'90s but just now releasing their proper CD debut, New York City's... More >>

  • Dismemberment Plan and Death Cab for Cutie

    published March 6, 2002

    By now, the good people of Washington, D.C.'s Dismemberment Plan are probably getting sick of being compared to '80s bands. Unfortunately... More >>

  • Sugar, Sugar

    published February 13, 2002

    "Serious" music fans and critics (i.e., those who read or write for alternative weekly papers) usually operate under a few key assumptions: that... More >>

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