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  • American Beauties

    published December 13, 2000

    Drag is pain, in more ways than one, and as a flurry of well-wishers, photographers and managers maneuver around towering hatboxes, overloaded... More >>

  • Follow the Money

    published November 1, 2000

    Every day, it's the same: Working the plan. Working the lists.Places, ages, race. Names, numbers, addresses and dates. There are ZIP-code... More >>

  • Pay It Forward

    published November 1, 2000

    Under the ballot proposal Proposition B, candidates for state office could voluntary opt to join a publicly funded system by promising not to... More >>

  • The Medium Is the Mess

    published October 4, 2000

    The message is unblushing -- "JIM TALENT: TOO EXTREME FOR MISSOURI" -- and gets its point across quicker than a blink of neon. That's all the... More >>

  • Best Veterinarian

    published September 27, 2000

    The Rottweiler is massive, which makes moving his tortured body impossible. He is also aggressive, apparently trained as an attack dog, so any... More >>

  • Cat's Cradle

    published September 20, 2000

    There is not much time for Fran Vinnacombe to rue the day she became the keeper of the colony. Two years ago, when she first learned from a... More >>

  • Filthy Riches

    published September 13, 2000

    Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc. is an equal-opportunity campaign donor, and nowhere is that better illustrated than in the brewer's contributions to the... More >>

  • Will the Real John Ashcroft Please Stand Up?

    published August 23, 2000

    The political view from John Ashcroft's Washington, D.C., office was probably anything but pastoral two months ago on June 22. For one, the... More >>

  • Unhealthy Relationship

    published August 23, 2000

    Money The insurance industry, the Business Roundtable and the Health Benefits Coalition lobbied against the Norwood-Dingell... More >>

  • A Twist of Faith

    published July 19, 2000

    God sat on his throne, and around him the floor shook, smoke filled the air and six-winged seraphim flew about the room, screaming, "Holy! Holy!... More >>

  • The Albatross

    published June 7, 2000

    Apparently the name didn't worry Joseph and John Streckfus when they bought a 90-foot-wide railcar ferry in 1937 called the Albatross. Within five... More >>

  • Teenage Wasteland

    published May 3, 2000

    He could fit lots of stuff in a backpack -- more, anyway, than he'd ever thought about when he just used it for school. But that was... More >>

  • Urban Caverns

    published April 26, 2000

    It's 11 a.m., and as the sun moves over the three abandoned Quonset huts at Chouteau and Compton avenues, Jeremai "O-Shae" Galyon snaps his cell... More >>

  • Waiting for Dubya

    published April 19, 2000

    The top line of the sign on the wall of the Grace Hill Neighborhood Health Center reads: "Walk-ins are patients with illnesses which require... More >>

  • Olive's Treasure

    published April 12, 2000

    Olive Dempsey's memory of her own life is withering away. At 95, she suffers from what those who surround her describe as the "onset of dementia,"... More >>

  • Hot Rods

    published March 29, 2000

    The contraption holding 96 nuclear fuel rods that will pass through the St. Louis area in early summer can withstand the following: a 30-foot drop... More >>

  • Lost and Found

    published March 22, 2000

    A teenage boy follows Stuart Marcus from one end of the hallway to the other. He bounces around the doctor like a large puppy and eventually... More >>

  • Money Walks

    published March 22, 2000

    Debates on state appropriations by the Missouri General Assembly are often used by lawmakers as rhetorical stomping grounds -- great for... More >>

  • Primary Color

    published March 1, 2000

    Missouri is about to hold its first open presidential primary since 1988, but the attention of most campaigns and the national media has been... More >>

  • State of Pain

    published February 9, 2000

    Fayzen Woods never thought much about her teeth. They were all there and in good shape, so when she woke up last July with what felt like a... More >>

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