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  • The Happy Human

    published May 12, 1999

    Know thyself. -- Inscription at the Delphic Oracle Honey, here come the new college graduates. Would you invite them in while I get out... More >>

  • Going the Distance

    published March 17, 1999

    What a relief. Only two monthly payments remain on Miriam's preschool bill. With our youngest child headed for kindergarten in the fall,... More >>

  • Having a Ball

    published February 3, 1999

    With all the frantic jumping around expected to go on at the Mardi Gras balls, it can't hurt for the musicians to have an athletic bent. ... More >>

  • Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    published February 3, 1999

    For years, I had mixed feelings about Soulard. When someone would say "Soulard," I would first think of the Soulard Farmers Market. ... More >>

  • Charting a New Course

    published February 3, 1999

    There just wasn't enough room. That's why, this year, there's a new route for the Soulard Mardi Gras Grand Parade. Scheduled to start at 11... More >>

  • Love Train

    published February 3, 1999

    Remember the book and the movie Love Story? I never read the book, never saw the movie, but Love Story was enough a part of the culture in... More >>

  • The Love Broker

    published February 3, 1999

    My cubicle is next to that of Amy Cook, the RFT's personal-ads coordinator, who likes to call herself the "Love Broker." "I've definitely... More >>

  • Wheel Be Seeing You

    published January 20, 1999

    When President Bill Clinton attended the North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this month, he got a private tour of the show,... More >>

  • Coupe Dreams

    published January 20, 1999

    Most people have a dream car. Well, if not the car, at least the dream. It might be a Mustang convertible, or it could be some sort of... More >>

  • The Great Communicators

    published January 6, 1999

    The top 10 personal characteristics employers seek in job candidates 1. Communication skills 2. Work experience 3.... More >>

  • Computing Salaries

    published January 6, 1999

    Projected starting-salary offers for bachelor's-degree candidates (nonexhaustive list) Major: Chemical engineering Average Salary... More >>

  • Down on the Farm

    published January 6, 1999

    Didn't you flinch at the news that free-agent baseball player Kevin Brown signed an employment contract for more than $100 million? He must... More >>

  • Gigs -- and Gigabytes -- for Grads

    published January 6, 1999

    It was the time in your life for some higher education, and it wasn't going to be the Sally Struthers School of Weight Reduction and Fingernail... More >>

Archives: 1999