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  • 2006 - Salute to Excellence Awards/National Association of Black Journalists, published September 21, 2005

    "Alley Cat"

2002 Stories by Mike Seely

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  • Merry X-mas, Mr. Abhorrence

    published December 18, 2002

    For anyone who thought there was even the slightest bit of irony in Jackass henchman Steve-O's shtick, you're deadeye wrong, snoopafella.... More >>

  • Fall Guy

    published December 11, 2002

    Curtis Parker had a steady job as the manager of a South City Jack in the Box and a loving, devoted girlfriend of ten years -- the mother of all... More >>

  • Chasing the Young

    published December 11, 2002

    It's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and St. Louisans far and wide are huddled in front of their television sets to catch legendary KMOV anchor... More >>

  • Snoop Dogg

    published December 11, 2002

    "Nizzle, fizzle. Babizzle!" Yup, Snoop's back. And this time, having sworn off fat sacks of the sticky and monotonous production tricks, our Dogg... More >>

  • Feed the Beast

    published December 4, 2002

    Although most basketball coaches spend early-season practices putting their players through an endless throng of technical drills designed to work... More >>

  • Sensitive Swordsman

    published November 27, 2002

    For the record, Adam Duritz isn't dating Maureen Dowd.The fact that Duritz barely flinched when he saw this rumor pop up on the Counting Crows'... More >>

  • Jam-Packed

    published November 20, 2002

    It's all Phish's fault, really. The grandpappies of the jam circuit's (R.I.P., Jerry G.) first album, Junta, was a lyrical conundrum of... More >>

  • Illinois Idol

    published November 13, 2002

    Whatever happened to the days where you bumped into your future wife in the beer aisle of the neighborhood Dirt Cheap? Or spent years toiling in... More >>

  • Rick It Up

    published November 13, 2002

    Soap actor/cock-rocker Rick ("Jessie's Girl") Springfield was multimedia long before Mos Def, Chris Isaak and the like. Fresh off a lengthy run at... More >>

  • Pabst Smir

    published November 13, 2002

    Remember the first time you herfed from booze? Here's how it probably went: You invaded your folks' liquor cabinet at age thirteen, mixed a little... More >>

  • Detroit Wheel

    published November 6, 2002

    A year ago, the two-and-fourteen Detroit Lions looked like the NFL version of Ethiopia, circa Band Aid. This season, thanks in no small part to... More >>

  • Chris Robinson

    published October 30, 2002

    The Black Crowes' magic mojo has always lain in the band's torrid live performances. One lick of Twice as Hard and the Crowes' fan was... More >>

  • Rubbers Meet the Road

    published October 16, 2002

    The combination of pizza and beer is a beautiful thing.Sex is also a beautiful thing. And, let's be honest, when St. Louisans are out prowling... More >>

  • One-Wheel Roller

    published October 9, 2002

    "Go ahead, Mommy, breathe again."A sultry female background vocalist utters a string of three breathy pants as P. Diddy's "I Need a Girl... More >>

  • Deadly Dilemma

    published September 18, 2002

    If you're a teenager residing in the O'Fallon-Penrose neighborhood, where seventeen-year-old Stanley Parker was shot to death by Officer Keith... More >>

  • The Battle of the Paddle

    published September 4, 2002

    It's a hot August night in St. Louis, Brother Love, one that even Neil Diamond would appreciate. Inside the sweltering Twelfth and Park Recreation... More >>

  • Little River Band with the Well Hungarians

    published August 28, 2002

    Australia's Little River Band may very well be the most lyrically challenged group now making the nostalgia-circuit rounds. To wit,... More >>

  • Timed Out

    published August 14, 2002

    If they'd had it to do all over again, it's probably fair to assume that Madelyn Alexander and Betsy Cahill would agree on one thing.They'd... More >>

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