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  • 2006 - Salute to Excellence Awards/National Association of Black Journalists, published September 21, 2005

    "Alley Cat"

2006 Stories by Mike Seely

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  • Bleeding Heart Baby

    published March 29, 2006

    The no-frills, Ohio-bred trio Heartless Bastards fucking rock. B-Sides recently spoke with lead vocalist Erika Wennerstrom about just how... More >>

  • East Side, Best Side

    published March 1, 2006

    More >>

  • The Bloody Marys of Calhoun County

    published March 1, 2006

    What stands out in our sudsy memories of Calhoun County boozing is that not one of the seven establishments reviewed below included so much... More >>

  • Wedding Crashers (2005)

    published February 22, 2006

    In Swingers, Vince Vaughn was pretty hot. Smooth skin, smooth lines, sharp suits and a long, svelte frame understandably made the ladies... More >>

  • Old School (2003)

    published February 15, 2006

    Last week, in the first installment of Blind Phyllis' three-part "Vince Vaughn Marriage Trilogy," we hailed 1996's Swingers as not... More >>

  • Lose the Booze

    published February 8, 2006

    When Luke Reynolds purchased Molly's on Geyer Avenue and South Ninth Street in April 2004, the Soulard bar's interior was charmingly shabby in the... More >>

  • Tupperware (2004)

    published February 1, 2006

    Tupperware (2004) The hourlong Tupperware proves that the creative minds behind PBS' An American Experience are good enough to... More >>

  • Strong Safety

    published January 25, 2006

    Players jeopardizing their team's chances of victory in the days, or even hours, leading up to the Super Bowl is as old and legendary as the grand... More >>

  • Shabooh Shoobah

    published January 25, 2006

    If you thought Apple was a stupid name for a rock & roll infant, try Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily on for size. That's the name of deceased INXS... More >>

  • The Outsiders (1983)

    published January 25, 2006

    Francis Ford Coppola's mediocre Outsiders resembles a McDonald's drive-through version of S.E. Hinton's perfectly pitched coming-of-age... More >>

  • Big Chill

    published January 18, 2006

    For most St. Louisans, days like January 8, when the mercury climbed to a record 71 degrees, provide a welcome respite from winter. But for people... More >>

  • Gigli (2003)

    published January 18, 2006

    Gigli is just as dreadful as publicized, but not for the publicized reasons. Yes, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are bad. But they're... More >>

  • Sweet and Lo-Fi

    published January 11, 2006

    More >>

  • Paint It Black

    published January 11, 2006

    Calling St. Louis Centre a "struggling mall" doesn't quite capture the perennial air of failure that the downtown albatross has carried throughout... More >>

  • Archives of War (1998)

    published January 11, 2006

    Before World War I, the toddler of a nation known as the United States held firm to a policy of isolationism when it came to international... More >>

  • Miami Rhapsody (1995)

    published January 4, 2006

    It's one thing to shift the plot of Husbands and Wives to Miami, cast a large, eclectic group of actors to flesh out a dialogue-driven... More >>

  • Let's Get It Started

    published January 4, 2006

    Hometown Hero For multi-instrumentalist and composer Marty Ehrlich, writing his new CD, News on the... More >>

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