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2001 Stories by Najeeb Hasan

Archives: 2001
  • No Place Like Home

    published July 18, 2001

    The sun's close to setting here on Chouteau Avenue, just south of downtown. That little Amoco gas station on the corner of 14th Street is the... More >>

  • Speaking Out of Class

    published June 20, 2001

    He grew up an Illinois country boy who went on to halfheartedly attend high school in inner-city Phoenix, a rural transplant who was woefully... More >>

  • Tearing Down the House

    published May 30, 2001

    The door to the house at 4373 W. Pine Blvd. in the Central West End wasn't locked, and John Tanurchis thought to himself, well, why not slip... More >>

  • The Count

    published April 25, 2001

    He's tired. He's too old for this. He, Stuart Ziglin, the best blackjack player in the state of Missouri. Too old. Got him smelling like a... More >>

  • Show Me the Money

    published April 11, 2001

    Listen. Can you hear? Ellen Reasonover is sobbing today. Today, almost 20 months removed from the Chillicothe Correctional Center, almost 20... More >>

  • Clip and Save

    published February 21, 2001

    Put the cigarettes out, 'cause the sign on this barbershop's door says so -- just throw 'em in the bucket out front -- but come in, come in. Can't... More >>

Archives: 2001