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2003 Stories by Neal Sokol

Archives: 2003
  • Gideon's Trumpet

    published December 10, 2003

    Editor's note: A correction ran concerning this story; see end of article. Who says you can never go home again? After lighting... More >>

  • Violence and Drama in Belfast

    published November 19, 2003

    It's been said that all art is political, and it sure is easy to make that assumption when dealing with art that emerges from such violently... More >>

  • Big Machers

    published October 29, 2003

    One of the best literary festivals in America takes place stealthily in our own backyard. The St. Louis Jewish Book Festival is a real... More >>

  • Missouri's Other Meth

    published October 15, 2003

    SUN 10/19 With his trademark mane of hair and uncanny fretwork on the ax, Pat Metheny is a throwback to the days when being a Guitar... More >>

  • Stars of David

    published June 4, 2003

    The eighth annual Jewish Film Festival of St. Louis is a real grassroots affair, completely without pomp and circumstance. Instead, its organizers... More >>

Archives: 2003