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  • Harry in A Hurry

    published November 29, 2012

    Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre confounded with its send-up of Plan 9 from Outer Space, it dazzled with its take on the holy trilogies (The... More >>

  • Nutcracker, With Russian Engineering

    published November 22, 2012

    Perennial holiday favorite The Nutcracker is a work in process as far at the Moscow Ballet is concerned. For 20 years now the company has... More >>

  • Hit and Myth

    published November 1, 2012

    Envy runs deep in those who wish they could play with explosives for a living but cannot. Lucky for Discovery Channel's MythBusters hosts,... More >>

  • Two-Thirds of A Noun

    published October 25, 2012

    Mad Art Gallery's Famous Fictional art shows feature some of the more interesting portraiture you'll encounter, what with the subjects... More >>

  • Sing for the 'Flag

    published October 25, 2012

    The art community in St. Louis is lovely and cozy, but can be a little insular at times. White Flag Projects (4568 Manchester Boulevard;... More >>

  • Viva Sangria

    published October 11, 2012

    Is there any other drink that provides one with a justifiable feeling of having had a full serving of fruit other than sangria? Gee, five glasses... More >>

  • Sixth Appeal

    published October 4, 2012

    A known lover of nature, young Ludwig van Beethoven would walk the fields and forests for solace and inspiration. This reverence for the natural... More >>

  • Detroit, Wrecked City/

    published October 4, 2012

    The booming industry of 1950s America and the subsequent offshoring of jobs in the following decades made for a nation whose economy and... More >>

  • Design for a Change

    published September 6, 2012

    Great Britain is always a step ahead of the old colonies. Whether it be music, film or fashion, our overseas cousin has the advantage. Enter the... More >>

  • No Transfer

    published September 6, 2012

    No Transfer: Photographs From Public Transportation is a series entirely dedicated to pedestrian happenings. Michael Hintlian rode... More >>

  • Earthy, Not Homely

    published September 6, 2012

    Cherie Sampson, an art professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, creates environmentally based performances and captures them on video.... More >>

  • Nicole Beckert

    Assorted Offerings: Relive past moments through dance, music and still imagery

    published August 23, 2012

    As the heat wave relents and local breweries begin to hawk their pumpkin ales, it's clear that the fall arts season is upon us. And while it's... More >>

  • Let them Drink Beer

    published August 23, 2012

    St. Louisans have a knack for devising excuses to imbibe, and we're notoriously fond of day-drinking. The Royale is nothing if not a wonderful... More >>

  • Sleepwalk With Him

    published August 9, 2012

    Anyone will tell you that comedian Mike Birbiglia is a funny guy (as that's the nature of the profession). But what sets him apart from... More >>

  • Space Invasion

    published July 26, 2012

    Every year, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (3750 Washington Boulevard) hosts a tour of local artists' working spaces, inviting the public... More >>

  • Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number

    published July 26, 2012

    Pirates! (or, Gilbert and Sullivan Plunder'd) is a charming tale of a lad indentured to a ship of rogues due to an inconvenient birthday. Frederic... More >>

  • Walking the Tightrope

    published July 19, 2012

    Circuses are not only for the having and making of fun -- sometimes a deeper goal resides within that big-top tent. The St. Louis Arches, a local... More >>

  • Exploring the Elemental

    published July 12, 2012

    The Saint Louis Art Museum is known for selecting fantastic videos for its installation series, and Laleh Khorramian's Water Panics in the... More >>

  • Get Punch Drunk

    published July 5, 2012

    Though described as an alternative comedy show, Punch Drunk Comedy is just the sort of smiling, ham-fisted comedy that twentysomethings... More >>

  • Live the Mystery

    published June 28, 2012

    Mystery author Ridley Pearson knows his readers well. They want suspense and action that doesn't sacrifice plot or the quality of the... More >>

  • Never Too Much of a Good Thing

    published June 21, 2012

    All the world's a stage, and...well, you know the rest. And on the off chance that you're not familiar with one of Shakespeare's most famous... More >>

  • Gold-Digging Flappers

    published June 14, 2012

    In the musical land of 1922, it was a modern ambition to perform the secretarial duties of a rich businessman and impress him into marriage, thus... More >>

  • Ride on the West Side

    published May 31, 2012

    Looking for a long-but-leisurely bike ride to start your week off right? Park that gas-burnin' bucket of bolts in the Des Peres City Park parking... More >>

  • A Spoonful of Sugar

    published May 3, 2012

    Lovable, caring, charismatic and delightful are a few words to describe the incomparable Mary Poppins. She is everything your... More >>

  • Trials and Tribble-ations

    published May 3, 2012

    Fascinating: The original Star Trek crew explores the strange new world of the stage. Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre, the genius company that's... More >>

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