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  • Sky Sky Sky

    published March 26, 2015

    Of all the jobs robots could take from humans, actor seems the most unlikely. How would a robot portray complex emotions such as grief or delight?... More >>

  • Richard Gilman-Opalsky

    published March 26, 2015

    The radical French philosopher Guy Debord popularized the practice of detournement, or the ruthless re-working of an existing artwork for the... More >>

  • Philadelphia Freedom: A Survey Of Abstract Painting Today From The City of Brotherly Love

    published March 26, 2015

    New York may be the epicenter of the contemporary American art scene, but that doesn't mean it's the only place artists are at work today.... More >>

  • John Lithgow: Stories by Heart

    published March 26, 2015

    John Lithgow, star of stage, screen and radio (he was the voice of Yoda in the official radio adaptation of Empire Strikes Back),... More >>

  • La Dolce Vita

    published March 19, 2015

    Even 55 years on, Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita still dazzles. The film takes you into the decadent high society of Rome, as seen... More >>

  • St. Louis Theater Circle Awards

    published March 19, 2015

    St. Louis has a thriving theater scene, and tonight the people who make the whole thing go are celebrated at the St. Louis Theater Circle... More >>

  • Radium Girls

    published March 19, 2015

    In the aftermath of World War I, the glow-in-the-dark property of radium was a delightful novelty. It was applied to the eyes of dolls, fishing... More >>

  • Tour of St. Louis

    published March 19, 2015

    Spring sprung on Friday, so you should spend as much of the weekend outside as possible. The three bicycle races comprising the Tour of St.... More >>


    St. Louis Shakespeare's Blood Reigns Is Fit for a King

    published Mar 25, 2015

    History is a frantic muddle because it's made by desperate people operating in the midst of stress and woe. Consider that on Sunday, March 22, King Richard III lay in state at Leicester Cathedral 530 ... More >>

  • George Hodgman

    published March 19, 2015

    Like many people do, George Hodgman left his small hometown (Paris, Missouri) for the bright lights of New York. But when his mother,... More >>

  • Dogtown St. Patrick's Day Parade

    published March 12, 2015

    It doesn't matter if it rains, snows, sleets or is pouring down sunshine on St. Patrick's Day, Dogtown will show up to party. The Ancient Order... More >>

  • You Can't Take It With You

    published March 12, 2015

    You want everything to go well when introducing your parents to your significant other's parents, or at the very least to not descend into chaos.... More >>

  • St. Patrick's Day Parade

    published March 12, 2015

    St. Patrick receives his just due today as an expected quarter-million people pile into downtown St. Louis for the St. Patrick's Day... More >>

  • River Styx at the Tavern: Phong Nguyen and Shane Seely

    published March 12, 2015

    River Styx's reading series continues its 40th season celebration with a double bill of Phong Nguyen and Shane Seely. Nguyen,... More >>


    The Rep's Buyer & Cellar Looks Inside Babs' Fantasyland

    published Mar 18, 2015

    Before Jonathan Tolins' Buyer & Cellar can actually start, the sole actor (Jeremy Webb, directed by Wendy Dann) issues a reminder that everything he's about to relate is fictitious. At first blush thi... More >>


    New Line's Jerry Springer Worth Cheering For

    published Mar 11, 2015

    Very few people admit to watching the Jerry Springer Show, which is currently enjoying its 23rd year on the air. Many people, however, will gleefully admit to watching New Line Theatre's production of... More >>


    Slightly Askew Challenges Gender Roles New and Olde in Or,

    published Feb 25, 2015

    Aphra Behn was arguably the most dangerous playwright in Restoration England. A former spy who believed in personal freedom, free love and the power of the word, Behn's most unsettling trait was perha... More >>


    St. Louis Actors' Studio Breathes Boozy Life Into "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

    published Feb 18, 2015

    .After another dull faculty party, George and Martha return to their comfortably ramshackle home to prepare for guests. Newspapers and books are stacked about the floor, and the coffee table is a fore... More >>


    God of Carnage: Parents Say the Darndest Things at Stray Dog Theatre

    published Feb 11, 2015

    Early on in Yasmina Reza's God of Carnage, Veronica speaks of "the art of coexistence." Veronica is FOX News' idea of a liberal, only more annoying and humorless. She speaks to her guests with a nasty... More >>


    Bashir Lazhar: Upstream Theater's One-Man Show Takes Audience to Somber School

    published Feb 04, 2015

    Violence is the undertow that inexorably tugs on Bashir Lazhar. It drags on his clothes, it makes his hands flicker nervously and it holds him in place, unable to move forward with his life. But we do... More >>


    Safe House: Rep's Latest Considers the True Price of Freedom

    published Jan 28, 2015

    The Pedigrew family is in a state of suspended animation. As free blacks in 1843 Kentucky, they own property and can work for wages. But they can't be outside at night, they can't close the doors on t... More >>


    Why Star Clipper's Owners Shuttered Their Beloved St. Louis Comic Book Shop

    published Jan 21, 2015

    In the world of mainstream superhero comics, death is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Publishers announce the demise of a major character, spin a few months of hype into increased sales and then r... More >>


    Star Clipper Comics Announces Closure

    published Jan 15, 2015

    St. Louis comic shop institution Star Clipper will close after 27 years in business. Owners A.J. and Ben Trujillo made the announcement this morning on Facebook, breaking the hearts of thousands of c... More >>

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