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    published November 3, 1999

    If your heart is with Captain Captain's, you were probably shoving them around in the pit at Motörhead a few Fridays ago. Maybe you were even... More >>


    published September 15, 1999

    In true cool and unpredictable hip-hop fashion, Wu-Tang Clan warriors U-God and Shyheim turned their in-store appearance... More >>

  • HEY DJ!

    published July 21, 1999

    HEY DJ!: July 10, San Francisco: Our regional DMC champ, St. Louis'DJ K-9:, matched skills with 14 other turntablists in the 1999... More >>

  • Listening Post

    published May 19, 1999

    MUSICAL AVALANCHE: One of St. Louis' best-kept secrets, musician/artist/underground filmmaker John Coker (drummer for the late, great rock... More >>

  • Listening Post

    published May 5, 1999

    RADIO WAVES: The late 1970s saw one of the great weirdo-pop explosions of all time. Punk and new wave weren't just about the handful of bands that... More >>

Archives: 1999