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  • The Best Music of 2000

    published December 27, 2000

    Below are the divine nine records that made the greatest impact on our tin ears in the year 2000. These are our favorites this week, but, as with... More >>

  • Over the Hill

    published December 20, 2000

    After a year-and-a-half run as a neighborhood commie performance space/art gallery/punk club, the Centro Sociale is closing its doors this week as... More >>

  • Freight Elevator Quartet

    published December 20, 2000

    The Freight Elevator Quartet is waging an uphill battle: Musicians with an Ivy League music education, the word "quartet" at the end of their name... More >>

  • Night Light

    published December 13, 2000

    Nadine is calling from a little London hotel, the one where the rock stars stay. "It's like Fawlty Towers," shouts singer/guitarist Adam... More >>

  • Gunn-Play

    published December 13, 2000

    We've seen it all. We were there when Stravinsky unveiled Le Sacre du Printemps, were the first ones to toss a chair at that bastard... More >>

  • Isotope 217 and the Chicago Underground Duo

    published December 13, 2000

    Forward-thinking jazz fans are lucky these days to be so close to Chicago: That city's scene is soaring, and a five-hour drive is all that... More >>

  • Sour Note

    published December 6, 2000

    What a weird week in St. Louis music history, one that wouldn't have been shocking 35 years ago, but now? In an odd turn of events that... More >>

  • Medeski, Martin and Wood

    published December 6, 2000

    On Medeski, Martin and Wood's new record, The Dropper, it seems the only member who hasn't gone totally nuts is drummer Billy Martin, who... More >>

  • Deep Dish

    published December 6, 2000

    In the world of remixology, the peach gig is getting a chance to work with the queen of the club, Madonna. If she deems you worthy of... More >>

  • By the Book

    published November 29, 2000

    Next time you're in South City, at the intersection of Jefferson and Cherokee, waiting for the light to change, waiting and waiting, waiting at... More >>

  • Meat Puppets

    published November 29, 2000

    The Meat Puppets created three of the great rock records of the '80s while on copious amounts of hallucinogens but gradually slid into... More >>

  • Hey, Mr. Spaceman

    published November 22, 2000

    For much of his life, Sun Ra lived in a Philadelphia brownstone. His name was listed in the phone book under "Ra, Sun." In a photo taken in front... More >>

  • Gone Ballistic

    published November 22, 2000

    "All I knew was, I had to find my shit," says a musician regarding his decision to sneak into the abandoned Ballistic Communications... More >>

  • Certified Organic

    published November 15, 2000

    Ignore for a moment Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson's overarching feelings regarding hip-hop radio in 2000 and glance back with him as he recounts the... More >>

  • Color My World

    published November 15, 2000

    We, the staff of "Radar Station," often find ourselves with a sort of postpublication hangover, our hands shaking as we read the laughable... More >>

  • Macy Gray

    published November 15, 2000

    Even after hundreds of listens, Macy Gray's debut, On How Life Is, is a stunner. Kicking off with "Why Didn't You Call Me," -- with... More >>

  • Thoroughly Modern Music

    published November 8, 2000

    Synchronia has a couple of things working against it in trying to attract certain music aficionados in St. Louis. First, their music is... More >>

  • Invisible Soundtrack

    published November 1, 2000

    "Before I was married, or knew a lot of women, I would just pull down all the shades and go to bed for three or four days. I'd get up to shit.... More >>

  • Overt Operation

    published November 1, 2000

    You could see the generation gap written all over the fire marshal's face as he attempted to restore at least a semblance of order to the... More >>

  • Pistol Pete and Popgun Paul

    published November 1, 2000

    Now that the country is far enough out of the closet that John Goodman can safely play a gay man on TV, the music that Pistol Pete and Popgun... More >>

  • Plaid

    published November 1, 2000

    Thank heaven for those musicians with velvet heads on their eardrums, the chosen few whose love of complicated, inherently beautiful melodies is... More >>

  • Lo and Behold

    published October 25, 2000

    If you pile all the cool little events on top of each other this week, all the itsy one-offs and interesting tidbits, the mound created is huge... More >>

  • De La Soul

    published October 25, 2000

    De La Soul have earned their right to be righteous. Over the course of four long-players, the legendary hip-hop trio has steadfastly, respectfully... More >>

  • Deltron 3030

    published October 25, 2000

    "I'm sick of looking at the inside of space stations/Time for Deltron to take a vacation," rhymes Deltron Zero, exasperated and desperate for a... More >>

  • Radar Station

    published October 18, 2000

    A few months back, nearly out of the blue, NYC weekly the Village Voice featured Pocahontas, Ill., unsung heroes Grandpa's Ghost in... More >>

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