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2007 Stories by Randall Roberts

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  • Rebuilt to Suit

    published June 20, 2007

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  • I Want My MP3

    published June 13, 2007

    If you haven't noticed, all hell is breaking loose right now in online digital music sales. On the main stage: Last month Amazon announced its... More >>

  • Horse's Kick

    published June 6, 2007

    We're riding in the back of a black stretch Prius, an energy-efficient extendo-hybrid that gets an astounding thirteen miles per gallon. Nothin'... More >>

  • Lemp Lager

    published May 30, 2007

    For St. Louisans, the name Lemp conjures many things, and only one of them is beer-related. There are the caves, of course, which run beneath the... More >>

  • Hendrick's Martini

    published May 23, 2007

    And then, like magic, we were headed to the Bass Pro Shop to buy a twenty-gauge shotgun. It all happened so innocently. This past weekend... More >>

  • St. Louis dark lager

    published May 16, 2007

    Something important happened last weekend at the Missouri History Museum, and it was called free beer. So impressive was this occasion that it was... More >>

  • Download Mozart

    published May 9, 2007

    A few months ago, with little fanfare, the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra entered the 21st century. It was a small yet important step: a... More >>

  • The Jumbo Poodle (or maybe the Yappy Dog)

    published May 9, 2007

    Can Ginger Lead You to Love?" wonders the semi-ridiculous copy on the little red booklet that hangs from the neck of the Yazi bottle. They mean... More >>

  • Coffee with milk

    published May 2, 2007

    Two doughnuts sit side-by-side on the desk, one with chocolate icing, the other with vanilla icing and cinnamon crumbles. Behind the doughnuts, in... More >>

  • Chinatown Confidential

    published April 25, 2007

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  • 2005 The Four Graces Pinot Noir

    published April 18, 2007

    It's close to 8 p.m. and our panties are in a bunch. The shoulders are tight, the jaws clenched. Deep breath. Deep breath. Try to remember: We are... More >>

  • Bohemia Beer

    published April 11, 2007

    Two plywood banditos lean against a wall outside of Nachomama's in beautiful downtown Rock Hill. Their skin is as dry as week-old tortilla chips,... More >>

  • Cantillon Classic Gueuze

    published April 4, 2007

    Last month we were on the phone with George Randall talking booze, and there was a tinge of relief in his voice. He'd invested nearly $100,000... More >>

  • Back to the Bolozone

    published March 28, 2007

    Unlike the buildings that surround it, the house at 3309 Illinois Avenue has a large, overgrown front yard and a chain-link fence circling last... More >>

  • Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen

    published March 28, 2007

    Why didn't Courtney Brunsfeld throw rock? Didn't she realize that throwing paper is a sign of weakness? After so many ties against her rival, and... More >>

  • Framboise Manhattan

    published March 21, 2007

    Franco, 1535 South Eighth Street, 314-436-2500. More >>

  • El Magnifico Margarita

    published March 14, 2007

    Imagine that Drink of the Week is standing on a table at El Burrito Loco, holding a very large margarita in our right hand. A flock of handsome,... More >>

  • B-Sides gets our oontz-oontz-oontz on with Canadian DJs MSTRKRFT.

    published March 7, 2007

    Jesse Keeler, who made eardrums bleed as the bassist of Toronto synth-noise terrorists Death From Above 1979, is happier now as part of the blurty... More >>

  • I.B.C. Root Beer

    published March 7, 2007

    The scene at Carl's Drive-In on a weekday afternoon seems timeless, like maybe we're all acting out a Norman Rockwell painting. It's the little... More >>

  • Black Lightning coffee

    published February 28, 2007

    This time last year, we were done with coffee. After a long love affair with the brown angel, we figured we'd had our share. In our years... More >>

  • Nothing But the Truth

    published February 28, 2007

    The fourth annual True/False Film Festival takes place Thursday through Sunday, March 1 through 4, in Columbia. Following are previews of some... More >>

  • Roger Lassarat 2003 Pouilly-Fuissé

    published February 21, 2007

    It's the big night at Tony's, game seven in the World Series of Relationships: Valentine's Day at the city's swankest restaurant. For the men... More >>

  • Deanna to Ray: Shut Up!

    published February 14, 2007

    During their raucous divorce trial last winter, American Equity Mortgage cofounders Ray Vinson and Deanna Daughhetee spent much time and energy... More >>

  • Portrait Concert Series: Steve Reich and George Crumb

    published February 14, 2007

    If last week's jaw-droppingly great John Cage and Morton Feldman program is any indication, this week's installment of the Portrait Concert Series... More >>

  • Segafredo Zanetti Espresso

    published February 14, 2007

    A shining, steam-pressure espresso machine sits behind the bar of Café 4 U, a clean, well-lighted place in downtown Clayton. The machine is... More >>

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