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1999 Stories by René Spencer Saller

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  • Critical Mass

    published December 29, 1999

    As anyone who's read Nick Hornby's High Fidelity knows, music critics -- especially that species known as Criticus hiparawkasauraus... More >>


    published December 15, 1999

    We crit-geeks trot out the phrase "fin de siècle" almost obsessively these days, and tiresome as it's become, sometimes this conceptual... More >>


    published November 24, 1999

    "This is my golf game," Richard McDonnell says with a self-deprecating chuckle when asked how he finds the time to run a nationally recognized... More >>


    published November 24, 1999

    Stifle the cynical yawns, rock fans, and add yet another tribute album to the gazillion or so out there. Poor Little Knitter on the Road is... More >>


    published October 6, 1999

    Being a childless, college-educated woman in my thirties, I'm not a regular Teletubbies viewer (my tastes run toward more mature fare, like Buffy... More >>

  • St. Louis International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

    published September 1, 1999

    The eighth annual St. Louis International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival begins Sept. 8 and continues through Sept. 16 at the Tivoli Theatre, 6350... More >>


    published August 4, 1999

    Puerto Muertois the weird and lovely brainchild of Tim Kelley and Christa Meyer, a married couple who have been writing songs... More >>


    published July 21, 1999

    To say Os Mutantes, a Brazilian trio formed in the late '60s, were ahead of their time is to understate their singular genius, to suggest that... More >>

  • Pimples and All

    published June 30, 1999

    Various Artists Songs from Dawson's Creek (Columbia/Sony Music Soundtrax) If you're one of those lofty types who don't watch teenager... More >>

  • Listening Post

    published June 30, 1999

    It's been a rough couple of weeks for the St. Louis music community: We've lost two of the city's most talented musicians... UNSUNG HERO OF... More >>

  • So In-Cline-D

    published June 16, 1999

    MANDY BARNETT I've Got a Right to Cry (Sire) Let's belabor the obvious: I've Got a Right to Cry, Mandy Barnett's second album,... More >>

  • Listening Post

    published May 19, 1999

    MUSICAL AVALANCHE: One of St. Louis' best-kept secrets, musician/artist/underground filmmaker John Coker (drummer for the late, great rock... More >>

  • Full Bore

    published May 5, 1999

    THE BOREDOMS Super Roots 7 (Warner-Japan) Super Roots 8 (Warner-Japan) Just when you think "7(')," the opus at the... More >>

  • Calendar Girl

    published April 14, 1999

    April March Chrominance Decoder (Ideal/Mammoth) Listening to Chrominance Decoder on the car stereo, I'm cruising along the Cote... More >>

  • Sound Checks

    published March 31, 1999

    U.S. Maple with Lustre Kings and Sweep the Leg Johnny Friday, April 2; Rocket Bar It doesn't take a genius to make a mess of rock. You... More >>

  • Henry's Dream

    published March 17, 1999

    Joe Henry wanted to make a sexy record, and with Fuse (Mammoth), his seventh album, he succeeded. "The stuff I go back to and listen to all the... More >>

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