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  • The Comprehensive List of Year-End Giant Food Drops

    published Dec 31, 2010

    Happy New Year! Let's drop some big fake food! AOL News takes a look at the giant cherry, Moon Pie, cod, peach, sardine, and drag queen named Sushi that will be lowered at the stroke of midnight tonig... More >>

  • Pepsi Wants You to Snackify

    published Dec 30, 2010

    Time to snackify your soft drinks. The Wall Street Journal says that Pepsi believes customers wants to "snackify" their drinks. What the hell does that mean? It means they're looking for ways to marke... More >>

  • Sprout Recall Hits Illinois Farm Despite Lack of Evidence.

    published Dec 29, 2010

    The Los Angeles Times reports yet another alfalfa sprout salmonella contamination scare. This time the sprouts are from Tiny Greens Organic Farm in nearby Urbana, Illinois. Farm owner Bill Bagby Jr. s... More >>

  • How to Eat Your Christmas Tree

    published Dec 28, 2010

    Chef Rene Redzepi thinks it's a shame that Christmas trees are used for a few days then discarded, so he writes in the New York Times that perhaps we should considering eating our Christmas trees. "Ma... More >>

  • Canadian Gingerbread Houses Recalled for Staph Infection

    published Dec 27, 2010

    Canadians who got gingerbread houses might not have had a merry Christmas. The Toronto Sun reports that gingerbread houses sold at an Ontario Whole Foods were recalled on Christmas Eve for possible st... More >>

  • Bah Humbug! Brits Aren't Going for the Sprout Surprise Whopper.

    published Dec 24, 2010

    How about a Burger King Sprout Surprise for a quick Christmas nosh? says that the Brits aren't thrilled with the holiday concoction, which was being sold in three U.K. cities until today. Th... More >>

  • L.A. Times Restaurant Critic Outed. Literally.

    published Dec 23, 2010

    Veteran restaurant critic S. Irene Virbila had an encounter that won't lead to a sparkling review. Tuesday night, while dining at Red Medicine in Beverly Hills, a managing partner took her photo and k... More >>

  • KFC Does Christmas Right ... in Japan

    published Dec 22, 2010

    What do people in Japan eat for Christmas dinner? KFC, of course. Laos News reports that the American chicken chain has created a Christmas tradition of eating fried chicken in Japan. Their catchy mar... More >>

  • Salad Bars, Buffets Pose Terror Threat

    published Dec 21, 2010

    Al Quaeda's next target might be salad bars and buffets. CBS News investigated the Department of Homeland Security's claims that the terror group has planned to slip the poisons ricin and cyanide into... More >>

  • Food Safety Bill Passes Senate. Again.

    published Dec 20, 2010

    In the holiday miracles department, the Senate passed the food safety bill on Sunday night. ABC News reports that the bill, which had passed but was recalled because of technical flaw, is on its way t... More >>

  • Smithfield Pork Exposed by Humane Society, Boycotted by Bittman

    published Dec 17, 2010

    Paula Deen may love Smithfield Foods pork products, but Mark Bittman's not a fan. Neither is the Humane Society of America, who released a report on inhumane conditions at Smithfield's large pig farms... More >>

  • Helicopters Blow Warm Air on Cold Florida Crops

    published Dec 16, 2010

    For a second year in a row, cold threatens Florida's winter crops. NPR reports that farmers are hiring helicopters to hover low over the crops to push warm air downward. It's a desperate measure that ... More >>

  • Just How Many Antibiotics Are Given to Livestock, Anyway?

    published Dec 15, 2010

    29 million pounds of antibiotics. That how much the Atlantic says was given to animals intended for food last year. This is the first time the Food and Drug Administration has tracked antibiotic use i... More >>

  • Wikileaks Reveals Venezuela's Food Secret

    published Dec 14, 2010

    Wikileaks has a tasty cable from Venezuela. The Atlantic has the cable about Arepera Socialista, a government-owned restaurant opened by Hugo Chavez a year ago. The food's cheap and tasty, and the wor... More >>

  • Duncan Hines Pulls Questionable Rapping Cupcakes Ad

    published Dec 13, 2010

    Thanks to a piece in Mother Jones, "Are These Cupcakes Racist?", Duncan Hines has pulled a YouTube video featuring chocolate-glazed anamorphic rapping cupcakes. Apparently, people think that white cup... More >>

  • Top Seven Sacri-Delicious Edible Nativity Scenes!

    Top Seven Sacri-Delicious Edible Nativity Scenes!

    published Dec 10, 2010

    Truth be told, Gut Check slept through a few sessions of Sunday school. But wasn't there something in the Bible about not making graven images? What about making the Baby Jesus out of food and eating ... More >>

  • Dumbass Arrested in Boston Market Creamed Spinach Prank

    published Dec 10, 2010

    California teen arrested for pulling a really jackass stunt at a Boston Market drive-thru. The Sacramento Bee reports that last week, a car full of upstanding youths decided to put a new spin on the v... More >>

  • U.S. Army Revamps Mess Halls, Starting in Missouri

    published Dec 09, 2010

    Drill sergeants get to yell at privates for not eating enough fruit. According to the Associated Press the U.S. Army has revamped their dining program for the first time in decades. The new program fo... More >>

  • Flame-Retardant Chemicals Found in Butter

    published Dec 08, 2010

    At least it's less likely to burn. Discovery News shares a study from the University of Texas group that discovered BPA in canned foods. This time they've found flame-retardant chemicals in butter. Th... More >>

  • Ten Artists We'd Like to See at LouFest 2011

    Ten Artists We'd Like to See at LouFest 2011

    published Dec 07, 2010

    Last week LouFest announced the dates of its second festival and immediately started selling discounted two-day passes to brave souls willing to buy without knowing the line-up in advance. No word o... More >>

  • Food Allergy Diagnosis Guidelines Created

    published Dec 07, 2010

    There sure are a lot of new food rules lately. The newest report comes from the Wall Street Journal: The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases has finally issued clinical guidelines f... More >>

  • Bumble Bee Recalls Canned Chicken for Hard Plastic Contamination

    published Dec 06, 2010

    Not so fast with that speedy chicken salad. Chicago Breaking News reports a recall of 72,000 pounds of canned chicken salad sold under the name "Bumble Bee Lunch on the Run Chicken Salad Complete Lunc... More >>

  • Show Review: Still Be Around: A Tribute to Uncle Tupelo, Off Broadway, Saturday, December 4

    Show Review: Still Be Around: A Tribute to Uncle Tupelo, Off Broadway, Saturday, December 4

    published Dec 05, 2010

    ​When big events hit St. Louis, like Loufest, the first question is always, "Will Uncle Tupelo reunite for this?" Probably not. Instead, fans got something just as special at Still Be Around: A Tri... More >>

  • It's a Small Gingerbread World at Plaza Frontenac

    published Dec 03, 2010

    Who wants to go to the mall right now? It's noisy, crowded, and filled with garishness in the name of Baby Jesus that sucks the joy right out of the season. Except for Plaza Frontenac for the next f... More >>

  • Wilco (The Coffee): Order By This Sunday!

    published Dec 03, 2010

    Do you need the perfect holiday gift for the Wilco fan on your list? Have you already given them the Wilco scarf, Wilco insulated lunch tote, Wilco album transport case and Wilco dog sweater? This y... More >>

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