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  • Rallying Around St. Louis Wing Co.

    published Nov 14, 2011

    ‚ÄčIt's been two weeks since the Cardinals won the World Series. So where's the Rally Squirrel? Probably hanging around St. Louis Wing Co. (9816 Manchester, Rock Hill; 314-962-9464), lured by the pean... More >>

  • Guerrilla Road Warriors: St. Louis Food Truck to Hit the Highway

    published Nov 14, 2011

    Sometimes we go on vacation for the food. And sometimes, the food goes on vacation. #embedly_twitter_34691851{background:url( More >>

  • Eating Roadkill's Okay. Organic Picnics Aren't.

    Eating Roadkill's Okay. Organic Picnics Aren't.

    published Nov 14, 2011

    Missouri's deer season started on Saturday, meaning the critters are on the run from the riflemen and ripe for the car-wrecking and eating. Last week NPR's food blog, The Salt, examined the laws per... More >>

  • A Veteran's Day Look at Military Chow

    A Veteran's Day Look at Military Chow

    published Nov 11, 2011

    Talk to any veteran, and there's a good chance you'll hear about military food, from mess halls to MREs, food drops and sharing with the needy, and of course the local eats from the far-flung places w... More >>

  • The Grease Theft Round-Up

    published Nov 09, 2011

    Lock up your grease! It's in high demand. Again. This time, it's local. d.Dooley's 026 Grill (568 Old Smizer Mill, Fenton; 636-343-9268) owner Dan Dooley told FOX 2 that the restaurant's been hit by g... More >>

  • Confirmed E. Coli Cases Increase; Other Outbreaks Reported

    published Nov 08, 2011

    Since last Thursday, the confirmed cases of E. coli in the St. Louis area have increased from 16 to 30. Investigators still haven't found the source of the contamination. Four cases of E. coli have b... More >>

  • Stellar Week for Chefs on Late Night Television

    published Nov 08, 2011

    Subversiveness rules on late night TV with lots of celeb chef visits. Last night Momofuku Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi introduced Conan O'Brien to her most popular dessert, Cereal Milk. That'... More >>

  • The Kitchens are Alive with the Sound of Music

    published Nov 07, 2011

    After a recent lunch at a Chinese hog trough buffet where we were lulled into stupor by the gentle tones of "Rock-a-Bye-Baby" on the sound system and one too many sticks of chicken meat, we've been th... More >>

  • McRib Targeted by the Humane Society

    published Nov 07, 2011

    It's the most wonderful time of the year - McRib season! But not everyone's thrilled with the pressed pork patty's annual appearance. The Humane Society of the United States has filed a complaint agai... More >>

  • Tea (and Lunch) for Two at London Tea Room

    published Nov 04, 2011

    The Place: The London Tea Room (1520 Washington Ave., 241-6556), the cheeky British tea house and cafe across from the City Museum. The Lunch: As the weather turned drizzly and gray, the mood turns t... More >>

  • Try the Pumpkin Pancakes at Eckert's Country Restaurant

    published Nov 04, 2011

    We love pumpkins! We just want to carve 'em, roast their seeds and then bake the guts into all kinds of awesome. So, this autumn, we're on a quest for the tastiest local pumpkin goodies, before the fl... More >>

  • Don't Walk It Out; Guac It Out!

    published Nov 03, 2011

    Food-related rap parodies are all the rage. So are cover songs to promote burrito joints. Dos Toros in New York City has taken two great tastes that tastes great together -- giant burritos and rap ... More >>

  • Candy Fuels Halloween Kiddie Crimes

    published Nov 03, 2011

    Now that we've had time to recover from Halloween's massive sugar crash, it's time to assess the damage. How many kids received drugged candy this year? Apples with razor blades? Oh, wait. That almo... More >>

  • Cantaloupe Aftermath, St. Louis E. Coli and a Cute Little Frog

    published Nov 03, 2011

    Over a month after recalling listeria-contaminated cantaloupes from Jensen Farms in Colorado, the death toll continues to climb. As of Wednesday, 29 people have died from listeria linked to the melons... More >>

  • Black Licorice Threat Explained Via Taiwanese Animation

    published Nov 01, 2011

    Are your children dizzy today? Prone to fainting? Gasping for breath, clutching their chests or too weak to brush the fecal-looking smears of chocolate from their mouths? It might not be the plain o... More >>

  • Think About What You're About to Eat From Big Lots

    published Oct 31, 2011

    Times are tough. No doubt about that. The economic free fall explains why there's a new discount or closeout store every single half-block. While it might be tempting to purchase reduced-price food a... More >>

  • Best and Worst Halloween Candy Countdown: No. 1

    published Oct 31, 2011

    It wasn't all that long ago that Gut Check was donning our finest Disney princess Star Wars character drag outfit and joining the swarms of greedy American children on the hallowed Halloween quest for... More >>

  • Gut Check Jr. Samples IHOP's Scary Face Pancake

    published Oct 28, 2011

    Yesterday Gut Check told you that IHOP restaurants will be giving away free Scary Face Pancakes for dinner tonight. Since the pancake is on the menu throughout October, last night Gut Check Jr. gave i... More >>

  • Try the Sweet, Sweet Bacon Shake at Bailey's Range

    published Oct 27, 2011

    After an extended soft opening, Bailey's Range (920 Olive Street; 314-241-8121) is officially open for business, and we've already picked our favorite item from its boozy milkshake and floats menu. ... More >>

  • Food Trucks Donate to Occupy St. Louis Protesters

    Food Trucks Donate to Occupy St. Louis Protesters

    published Oct 25, 2011

    Recently Mother Jones writer Tom Philpott advised "foodies" to join the Occupy Wall Street movement, since the corporate food industry is a part of the Wall Street greed being protested. For two St.... More >>

  • Just Recall It: Landshire Recalls Nike All-American Sandwiches

    published Oct 25, 2011

    A local sandwich company has had its products recalled after screenings in North Carolina revealed possible listeria contamination. Landshire of St. Louis voluntarily recalled 1,751 cases of the Nike... More >>

  • Best and Worst Halloween Candy Countdown: No. 6

    Best and Worst Halloween Candy Countdown: No. 6

    published Oct 24, 2011

    It wasn't all that long ago that Gut Check was donning our finest Disney princess Star Wars character drag outfit and joining the swarms of greedy American children on the hallowed Halloween quest for... More >>

  • Unsanitary Packing Facility Led to Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak. Bagged Salad Recalled.

    published Oct 20, 2011

    As the death toll from the Rocky Ford cantaloupe listeria outbreak rises to 25, the Food and Drug Administration has pinpointed the contamination's source. Government inspectors found listeria bacte... More >>

  • Just How Many Tofu Boys Do We Need?

    published Oct 19, 2011

    Variety magazine recently published an article about the growth of Chinese animation, breaking the news that the Chinese animated feature film Tofu Boy is slated to hit U.S. theaters during the holid... More >>

  • It's a Bear Market in Alaska, With a Cub in the Produce

    published Oct 19, 2011

    We don't need a symbolic representation to remind us that the economy's in the crapper, cute little Alaskan bear cub, hanging out in the market! An IGA grocery store in Ketchikan, Alaska, was visite... More >>

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