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  • Combo Clatter

    published March 30, 2005

    It was while perusing the dinner menu at Mélange, a likable three-month-old restaurant on the northern fringe of the Central West... More >>

  • Outta Sight

    published March 23, 2005

    When you go to Juniper Grill Bistro and Wine Bar -- and really, you should -- somebody at your table ought to order the roasted game hen.... More >>

  • Chicago Style

    published March 16, 2005

    Soulard's Mad Art, the cop shop-turned-art gallery, is somethin' else. Those Mad Artists could host an event consisting of nothing more than a... More >>

  • The Back Burner

    published March 16, 2005

    Is the "August" in Restaurant August supposed to be pronounced like the month, like the adjective (as in "venerable") or with a... More >>

  • Party On

    published March 9, 2005

    My dinner at Mosaic was yummy, but it felt a little like those first two hours of a party, before the clock strikes half-past fashionably... More >>

  • All Sizzle

    published March 2, 2005

    So ear-to-ear and exuberant was our teenage server's smile as he advanced toward our table at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, it... More >>

  • Raw Power

    published February 23, 2005

    I was late for my dinner reservation at Modai Sushi Lounge last week because I couldn't pick out the right outfit. I'd been wearing... More >>

  • Know When to Hold 'Em

    published February 16, 2005

    SAT 2/19 Just in case the wave of new card-sharp shows on TV (our fave: Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown, of course!) and the... More >>

  • Meatball Hero

    published February 16, 2005

    Scenes from an Italian restaurant: Tuesday, 8:22 p.m. Todd Sanders, the apron-swaddled owner of 10th Street Italian -- an almost... More >>

  • Cherry on Top

    published February 9, 2005

    When I was getting ready to move here three years ago, I really pissed off a number of my fellow New Yorkers, who could not comprehend why I would... More >>

  • Going Deutsch

    published February 2, 2005

    The familial quintet that owns the St. Louis Gast Haus -- matriarch Maritza Stock, her husband Bill, daughter Carmen, grandson Ed and... More >>

  • Unchained Melody

    published January 26, 2005

    Even though everybody has been yelling at us to go into Chesterfield Valley or St. Charles next, our goal is to move back into the city from here... More >>

  • Aye, Burns-ing for You

    published January 19, 2005

    TUES 1/25 This is it. This is the big one, the event that serves to separate the lads from the lassies. No, wait, it actually separates... More >>

  • Lofty Aspirations

    published January 19, 2005

    I found myself doing a lot of looking under things at Lucas Park Grille, the restaurant/bar/lounge/market that, within a mere three months... More >>

  • There's No Crying in Rodeo

    published January 12, 2005

    Hours spent in front of the rodeo events on the Outdoor Life Network have taught us valuable lessons that one day may save our lives. If a bull... More >>

  • Kids Stewing Indoors?

    published January 12, 2005

    Kabin fever (pediatric cabin fever) strikes children with nary a warning sign. It picks no favorites and shows no mercy. Whether you're in charge... More >>

  • Homegrown History

    published January 12, 2005

    Stephen Morgan, chef at Pat's Bar and Grill, will be presented with the AgriMissouri Excellence bronze level Chef medal for the 2004... More >>

  • Social Change

    published January 5, 2005

    TUES 1/11 Political progressives had a tough time in 2004. All the big-name benefit concerts to oust Bush, all those tickets sold for... More >>

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