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2002 Stories by Roy Kasten

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  • Jay Farrar with the Rockhouse Trio

    published November 27, 2002

    Upon what exactly does Jay Farrar's reputation as the best rock-based songwriter of his generation rest? Consider "Station to Station,"... More >>

  • Urban Banjo

    published October 30, 2002

    From a stool at the end of Tangerine's bar, a banjo player picks a tune. What is he doing here? His right hand flashes with the speed of a Vegas... More >>

  • Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys

    published October 2, 2002

    If Ralph Stanley has done as much as any man alive to shape the course of American music, it's not because he has experimented, taken risks... More >>

  • Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys

    published September 25, 2002

    Kansas City's Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys belong to that most unfortunate of genres: neotraditional alternative country. Though they... More >>

  • Spouse Work

    published September 18, 2002

    Whatever happened to the Gordons? In 1975 they were on the road, working the interstates, every other town along I-55 and I-57, across Missouri,... More >>

  • Blond Ambition

    published August 21, 2002

    When Dolly Parton arrived in Nashville, a few days after her high-school graduation, she found a world light years from the Smoky Mountains of... More >>

  • Twang Bangin'

    published June 5, 2002

    Random images from previous Twangfests: A conga line forms as Bill Kirchen marches through the audience blaring a trombone. Charlie Chesterman... More >>

  • Pieta Brown and Bo Ramsey with the Mary Janes

    published May 29, 2002

    Family has always been the central animus of folk music. Kinship carries the melodies, preserves the history, passes on instrumental skill and... More >>

  • Matthew Ryan and Will Kimbrough

    published May 22, 2002

    The angry young man sounds cold, honest, near the end. His voice shivers. He gets closer and closer to the mic, as if it might warm him through... More >>

  • 2002 Riverfront Times Music Award Winners

    published May 15, 2002

    St. Lunatics Best Rap, Recording of the Year It's been a very good year for the St. Lunatics, individually and collectively. In the... More >>

  • The Sovines

    published May 8, 2002

    Picture the following garage: Along one wall, a vintage beer-can collection covers up a vintage Joan Jett poster, a chrome grill leans against a... More >>

  • Lonesome Bob

    published May 1, 2002

    The Nashville Scene recently named Lonesome Bob (a.k.a. Robert Chaney) the town's "Best Damn Singer/Songwriter," which should be... More >>

  • Klezmer Nut

    published April 24, 2002

    The first sound you hear on Klezmer Nuthouse is the udu drum, an instrument most often heard pulsing beneath Indian classical music.... More >>

  • Kelly Joe Phelps with Jeff Lang

    published April 17, 2002

    When a blues- or folk-based singer/songwriter picks up a band and starts to explore different tones and textures, let alone electricity, critics... More >>

  • River Dance

    published April 10, 2002

    The Mississippi River Celtic Music Festival has its roots in the timeless jam sessions known as tionol (pronounced "chun-ALL"), where... More >>

  • STL by Southwest

    published March 27, 2002

    Inside the Austin Convention Center on Cesar Chavez Street in Texas, the South by Southwest trade show sprawls like so much weedage under ghastly... More >>

  • Bottle Rockets with Jenny Kavanaugh (Thursday) and Bob Reuter (Friday)

    published March 6, 2002

    With all due respect to Nelly, the Bottle Rockets are the St. Louis area's best musical ambassadors and finest portraitists. The band has... More >>

  • Acadian Drift

    published February 13, 2002

    Acadian driftwood/Gypsy tailwind/They call my home the land of snow/Canadian cold front movin' in/What a way to ride/Oh, what a way to go... More >>

  • Open Season

    published January 23, 2002

    Proposal: To observe open mics and document the mores, habits, and music of this unique cultural formation.Method: Participatory observation,... More >>

  • Wayne Hancock

    published January 9, 2002

    Wayne Hancock may never write another flat-out classic like "Thunderstorms and Neon Signs," but don't hold that against him. Few fellow... More >>

  • Kristie Stremel

    published January 2, 2002

    When artists pad their résumés with awards such as the Klammies (Kansas City's version of the RFT's own Slammies), you... More >>

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