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  • The Walkmen

    published October 13, 2010

    The Walkmen is arguably the most perplexing band of New York's early '00s indie-rock class. The promise of its two first records —... More >>

  • Jason and the Scorchers

    published October 13, 2010

    Jason and the Scorchers didn't just fight on the frontlines of the roots-rock revolution of the '80s — the band all but invented... More >>

  • Band of Horses

    published October 6, 2010

    Given the restless impulses of Band of Horses principal singer and songwriter Ben Bridwell, it's no wonder that any cease and desist... More >>

  • Patty Larkin

    published October 6, 2010

    Once, musicians rerecorded their classic material as a way of sticking it to the record-label man who owned the tracks but never got around to... More >>

  • Review + Setlist: The National Glows Past the Gloom at the Pageant, Thursday, September 30

    Review + Setlist: The National Glows Past the Gloom at the Pageant, Thursday, September 30

    published Oct 01, 2010

    ‚Äč Click here for more pics from The National.The National was in chatty mood at the Pageant, or perhaps baritone intoner Matt Berninger and brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner were just trying to fill... More >>

  • Drive-By Truckers

    published September 29, 2010

    Starting with 2001's Southern Rock Opera, Drive-By Truckers began a hellacious run of storytelling rock & roll that fiercely... More >>

  • The National

    published September 29, 2010

    In the croaking voice of Matt Berninger and the towering sonic details of the National, the doomed Walter Mitty — with his... More >>

  • Review: The Felice Brothers and Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three Break Through the Blues at the Old Rock House, Monday, September 20

    published Sep 21, 2010

    The Felice Brothers are a sound man's worst nightmare, and they don't even perform with banjos. At the Old Rock House on Monday night, the upstate New Yorkers pushed the limits of cacophony through th... More >>

  • American Aquarium

    published September 22, 2010

    It's within the realm of possibility that American Aquarium wasn't thinking about the opening lines of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot when... More >>

  • Samantha Crain

    published September 15, 2010

    Shawnee, Oklahoma, native Samantha Crain comes by her low-burning notoriety honestly. The diminutive songwriter eschews glamour and... More >>

  • Blue Giant

    published September 15, 2010

    The psychedelic country pioneered by the Byrds and the Grateful Dead has been making a bit of a comeback, thanks to bands such as... More >>

  • Hayes Carll

    published September 8, 2010

    Hayes Carll doesn't have the voice of Jimmie Dale Gilmore, the poetry of Townes Van Zandt or the blues of his mentor Ray Wylie Hubbard.... More >>

  • Justin Townes Earle

    published September 8, 2010

    For every Hank Williams and Gram Parsons who never got clean there's a Carlene Carter and Steve Earle who kicked the junk and still kick the... More >>

  • Balmorhea

    published September 1, 2010

    Balmorhea succeeds where Emerson, Lake and Palmer and the Moody Blues failed. That diseased dream of fusing two antithetical genres... More >>

  • Sarah Jaffe

    published September 1, 2010

    Sarah Jaffe is a young protégé of Midlake, and on the strength of a single EP, she's earned superlative comparisons to... More >>

  • Alejandro Escovedo, still rocking strong after all these years on Street Songs of Love

    published August 25, 2010

    Alejandro Escovedo sounds happy. And he should be: After nearly succumbing to Hepatitis C in 2003, the Austinite is touring steadily, writing... More >>

  • The Harmed Brothers

    published August 25, 2010

    Maybe you've seen the photos from Washington Square in New York circa 1958 or so, with those fresh-faced college kids wailing out "Tom Dooley"... More >>

  • Wye Oak

    published August 18, 2010

    Named for an ancient, mammoth, lightning-wrecked oak tree in Maryland, Wye Oak should be the envy of every indie-rock band that sank its... More >>

  • Chicago Afrobeat Project

    published August 18, 2010

    The next time you encounter a critic who uses the word "Afrobeat" in proximity with an indie-rock band that may have listened to Remain in... More >>

  • Review + Setlist: Jackson Browne and David Lindley Harmonize at the Fox Theatre, Tuesday, August 10

    published Aug 11, 2010

    Jackson Browne's rare US tour with David Lindley -- the all-things-stringed maestro who, as much as anyone, defined the sound of Browne's astonishing run of records in the '70s -- found the sextaganar... More >>

  • David Dondero

    published August 11, 2010

    In the Jonathan Richman school of rock & roll amateurism, David Dondero sits in the back of the class playing Boggle, sketching... More >>

  • Elizabeth Cook

    published August 11, 2010

    Too quirky for conventional country radio, too traditional for country punks and too glamorous for country folkies, Elizabeth Cook will... More >>

  • Review: Bettye LaVette Pours Out the British Rock Soul at the Old Rock House, Friday, August 6

    published Aug 07, 2010

    The greatest living interpretive singer last appeared in St. Louis at the Sheldon Concert Hall in September 2009, on an evening that found her before a rapt and packed house, basking in a recent Gram... More >>

  • Jackson Browne/David Lindley

    published August 4, 2010

    Chalk up Jackson Browne's precipitous artistic decline to political obsessions, cocaine hangovers or just a bad case of the '80s. But... More >>

  • Bettye Lavette

    published August 4, 2010

    Great singers in jazz, blues and soul have regularly taken on the Great American Songbook — but then again, so has Rod Stewart. So... More >>

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