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  • Fake Problems

    published April 28, 2011

    It grows more difficult by the day to define just what exactly "indie rock" is, but in a dream world, Fake Problems is the model. On... More >>

  • Manchester Orchestra

    published April 28, 2011

    In 2009, Georgia-based unit Manchester Orchestra put out the best rock release of the year with Mean Everything to Nothing. It's... More >>

  • Constellations

    published March 10, 2011

    The scary thing about the Constellations is that technically, you could label the Atlanta band "rap-rock," and it wouldn't be entirely... More >>

  • Flogging Molly

    published March 3, 2011

    Nearly fifteen years into its career, Flogging Molly is finally trying something new. No, the septet isn't ditching the Celt-punk scene;... More >>

  • Death By Stereo

    published February 24, 2011

    It must get slightly frustrating being Efrem Schulz. The singer has been fronting Orange County metalcore unit Death by Stereo since... More >>

  • Parkway Drive

    published February 17, 2011

    Sure, it might've started off as a British penal colony, but Australia has turned into quite the nice, laid-back country over the past few... More >>

  • Atlantic/Pacific

    published February 17, 2011

    Despite fronting one of the finest bands mid-'90s emo had to offer (the terribly short-lived Texas Is the Reason), Garrett Klahn has spent a... More >>

  • Less Than Jake

    published February 10, 2011

    Ska may never have another true mainstream revival like it did in the mid-'90s, but it's nowhere near the levels of life support it was on a... More >>

  • Flatfoot 56

    published February 3, 2011

    It's strange that a music scene can have hundreds of sound-alike pop-punk bands and screamo acts and no one blinks an eye, but the second you try... More >>

  • Anberlin/Circa Survive/Foxy Shazam

    published January 13, 2011

    In a rock-music scene currently littered with package tours consisting of four or five bands, all of which sound like they were cut from an... More >>

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