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  • Jonathan Richman

    published June 22, 2005

    Jonathan. That's what you call him. Nobody says his full name, unless they're talking about what he did a long, long time ago. OK, Jonathan... More >>

  • Todd Snider

    published June 15, 2005

    If you Google "Todd Snider song lyrics," you'll be hard-pressed to realize that he's written anything since his early-'90s classic,... More >>

  • Wang Dang Sweet Ol' Twang

    published June 8, 2005

    "Anybody can be in a band. Just pick a chord, go twang, and you've got music." Sid Vicious said that. It's not exactly what the Twang Gang had in... More >>

  • Graham Parker

    published May 25, 2005

    Apparently, Graham Parker was only teasing with last year's Your Country. Yes, it was his best record in years, but it wasn't half as good... More >>

  • John Renbourn and Jacqui McShee

    published May 18, 2005

    When you think about it, "folk music" is a pretty big phrase. And when you think about it in relationship to the '60s British "folk" band... More >>

  • The Avett Brothers

    published May 11, 2005

    The Avett Brothers are to folk music what the Hanson Brothers were to hockey in the movie Slapshot. They're lovable goons, breaking... More >>

  • Patty Griffin

    published April 13, 2005

    Who in their right mind would try to describe the music of Patty Griffin? We can talk about her beautiful singing voice, her imaginative... More >>

  • Jimmie Dale Gilmore

    published April 6, 2005

    For the past few years, Jimmie Dale Gilmore has put his energies into a reunion with the bandmates he'd left behind some 35 years ago. The... More >>

  • Pete Anderson with Moot Davis

    published April 6, 2005

    For more than two decades, Pete Anderson was the man behind the scenes with Dwight Yoakam. He was Yoakam's producer, bandleader and lead... More >>

  • Average White Band

    published March 23, 2005

    Everyone has a horror story of seeing some once-beloved band appear twenty to thirty years after it had a hit. My favorite was the time... More >>

  • Nora O'Connor

    published March 16, 2005

    Ladies and gentlemen of the pop-music jury: It's easy for us to make a case for the big, flamboyant singers and performers of the world. But when... More >>

  • Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys

    published March 9, 2005

    Rex Hobart and his boys traffic in human misery. It's not usually the grief caused by natural disasters or the problems of wealth inequity in our... More >>

  • Easy Skankin'

    published March 2, 2005

    Still Going If Holland's Bettie Serveert didn't reinvent indie guitar rock in the '90s, nobody did.... More >>

  • Maura O'Connell

    published March 2, 2005

    Every time you hear Maura O'Connell is a revelation. That rich, supple alto soars across the bed of the music, hugging the melody tightly... More >>

  • James McMurtry

    published March 2, 2005

    James McMurtry didn't get where he is today because of his voice. Or, maybe, James McMurtry could have gotten a lot farther if he had a... More >>

  • The Finn Brothers

    published February 16, 2005

    Last year's debut album by the Finn Brothers, Everyone Is Here, cemented an on-again, off-again lifelong musical partnership between... More >>

  • The Redwalls (opening for Keane and the Zutons)

    published February 16, 2005

    Opening acts have a tough lot in life. They play before everybody arrives, and the folks in the house are still practicing social skills rather... More >>

  • Sonny Landreth

    published January 26, 2005

    Sonny Landreth's guitar sounds like it's wrestling with the very electrons flying from his amplifier, in a battle to determine whether pure notes... More >>

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