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1998 Stories by Susan Waugh

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  • 1998: The Year in Film

    published December 30, 1998

    DIANE CARSON Were it not for the play of our own imaginations and our enjoyment of the fanciful excursions of others, we'd be... More >>

  • Song of Songs

    published December 23, 1998

    LITTLE VOICE Written and directed by Mark Herman LV, as Little Voice is known, has one remarkable gift, a perfect complement... More >>

  • Squeals of Delight

    published December 2, 1998

    BABE: PIG IN THE CITY Co-written and directed by George Miller A brave movie for a brave pig, the second of Babe's excellent adventures... More >>

  • The Eyes Have It

    published November 25, 1998

    ENEMY OF THE STATE Directed by Tony Scott Is Tony Scott an unrepentant hack or a mad genius? For years a willing cog in the... More >>

Archives: 1998