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  • This Week

    published December 30, 1998

    The original lineup for the 1998-99 Jazz at the Bistro concert schedule listed pianist/vocalist Freddy Cole (Nat "King" Cole's brother) as the... More >>

  • Local Time

    published December 23, 1998

    SOUTH GRAND TOUR: Despite the virtual muzzle placed on South Grand clubs by the powers that be in the area ("No live rock music or we'll harass... More >>

  • Listening Post

    published December 16, 1998

    'N SYNC WAS HOT: I was partial to Chris, but Justin was damn cute, too. Joey wasn't really my type, and Lance seems to have gained a few pounds in... More >>

  • The Byrds

    published December 9, 1998

    After hearing Jerry Lee Lewis pound the piano and scream the lyrics of "Great Balls of Fire" -- he seemed to nearly jump out of a tiny transistor... More >>

  • All That Jazz

    published December 9, 1998

    A teenage Miles Davis sitting in with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie when Billy Eckstine's band played the Plantation Club. Davis, Clark... More >>

  • Best Horn Player: Willie Akins

    published December 9, 1998

    St. Louis has produced a bevy of fine sax players over the years, and you can hear plenty of good ones around town. Oliver Sain remains the dean... More >>

  • Best Harp Player: Sandy Weltman

    published December 9, 1998

    Blues harmonica is a big deal in St. Louis. It seems like just about every blues band playing on the club circuit features a quality blues-harp... More >>

  • Best Pianist: Ptah Williams

    published December 9, 1998

    Ptah Williams has hands that just don't look as if they should belong to a top-notch jazz-piano player. Not that there's anything wrong with them... More >>

  • Sound Checks

    published November 25, 1998

    Brian Lillie and the Squirrel Mountain Orchestra and One Fell Swoop Friday, Nov. 27; Off Broadway Brian Lillie and the... More >>

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