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Best Sports Value St. Louis 2000 - St. Louis Swarm

St. Louis Swarm

2304 Blue Hill Road

Chesterfield, MO 63017


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Recently we came across a car with four stickers on the side windows. On one side: St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Rams. On the other: St. Louis Blues and St. Louis Swarm. The Swarm? Who are they? Though we've never met you, brother sports fan, we salute you. For you know that St. Louis does have a professional basketball franchise, and they rock. Damn straight, we're talkin' 'bout the Swarm. Weatherbeaten former NBA coach Bernie Bickerstaff helmed the yellow-and-black attack all the way to the championship of the International Basketball League in the league's inaugural season. Rookie of the Year Danny Johnson caught plenty of air, Antwain Smith flashed the gold smile, big Doug Smith was thunder and speedy Erwin Claggett was lightning all year long. Yes, it's fun to watch when the gang gets together at St. Charles' cozy Family Arena. Guess how much the best seat in the house costs? The sweat hits the fan for $14. We're serious. The other seats cost $7. Go Swarm! Go Swarm! Go Swarm!
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Margaret Brolan-Thomas
Margaret Brolan-Thomas

does this swarm have anything todo with the b-ball club that trains boys at Vetta and the Priory?


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