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Best All-Ages Anarchist Collective Reopened Under New Management St. Louis 2001 - Tin Ceiling Theater

Tin Ceiling Theater

3159 Cherokee St.

St. Louis, MO 63118


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It's a tribute to the long shadow cast by the Centro Sociale -- the Hill-based punk/anarchist spot that existed for about a year-and-a-half at 2700 Macklind -- that just about every advertisement for every event that occurs at the Tin Ceiling includes the parenthetical addition "formerly the Centro Sociale." The Parliament Cheeze theater group that now pays the bills even started as part of the Centro Sociale collective, but that's about all the connection the new space has with the old space. Whereas the Centro Sociale eventually withered away as a result of too few volunteers and too much general apathy, the Tin Ceiling seems to be bringing in theater performances, art openings and punk shows galore, with a remarkably enthusiastic (or maybe just naïve) staff. With a broad spectrum of entertainment that should satisfy more than just the all-ages crowd, the Tin Ceiling is a welcome addition to the St. Louis performance scene.
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