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Best Bakery St. Louis 2001 - Kruta Collinsville Bakery

Readers' Choice: St. Louis Bread Co.
Past Best Bakery winners are typically sophisticated pâtisseries specializing in baroquely layered, impossibly rich cakes of gorgeous design. But this year we pay tribute to the less exalted neighborhood bakery, a shop where a request for a half-dozen glazed won't produce a contemptuous thin-lipped sneer. Not that you'd ever dream of ending an order with a mere six doughnuts at Kruta's -- the irresistible temptations behind its crowded glass cases guarantee you'll leave with an awkwardly tottering pile of stollens, cheesecakes and strudels, perhaps topped by a fresh loaf of rye and a bag of cinnamon sticks. Don't worry -- someone will help you with the door. On Saturdays, in fact, the crowds are so thick that the door seldom fully closes. Gluttonous swarms of Kruta faithful pour into the plain brick edifice, grab a plastic number -- at peak times, as many as 20 customers can be found lusting after the baked goods -- and jostle to the front to gaze longingly at what's on offer for the day. A bustling cadre of welcoming white-uniformed women -- Kruta's counter workers are all women -- promptly fill your order with startling quickness as the numbers are called. But efficiency is ultimately irrelevant: Most would happily wait hours for a taste of Kruta's gooey-butter cake (which oozes lubriciously when cut), apple crumb pie or German chocolate cake. A Collinsville institution -- although its origins are in East St. Louis -- Kruta's attractions lure East Siders from other communities as well. Extend the borders of your own neighborhood and pay a visit: You'll not go home disappointed -- or empty-handed.
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My family lives in Collinsville, Ill I get warm and fuzzy feelings when I think of gooey butter cake. My Grandma would make sure we had a bite of the cake. During one of the many meals we would eat together. It was the best. I wish you could deliver it to the Oregon coast

Nicole Barton
Nicole Barton

I love Krutas. Ilive in the suburbs of Chicago, IL but will always deem Krutas the best bakery for their Gooey butter cake!!! My grandmother lived in collinsville for most of her life, she died suddenly a couple of years ago, and she always spoiled her granddaughters with Gooey butter cake when we would visit! Grandma Barton gave us the best treats GRANDMA and GOOEY BUTTER CAKE!!!!! We miss Krutas everytime we miss our grandma which is VERY OFTEN!! You should open a bakery out here or at least ship out Gooey butter cakes, because they are a little slice of heaven and a wonderful memory of our dearly loved grandma!!


Oh Kruta's, how I love thee! You'll also find that not only are the Kruta goods unbelievably tasty, they are very inexpensive!


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