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Best Example Of Why Radio Hosts Should Prepare For Celebrity Interviews St. Louis 2001 - George Carlin on KMOX

The Hippy-Dippy Weatherman, George Carlin, was doing the book tour thing in May, pumping up sales for his Napalm & Silly Putty bestseller. He was being interviewed by two of the chuckleheads at KMOX (1120 AM), McGraw Milhaven and Charles Brennan, during a live remote broadcast of the Morning Meeting from the Muny Opera. Milhaven asked Carlin about his wife, wondering that, given Carlin's anti-establishment, rebel image, were some people surprised he had married his childhood sweetheart and had stayed married for 35 years? Carlin replied that yes, he had married his sweetheart and had been married to her a long time but that she had died in 1997. At least Milhaven didn't start off by asking Carlin how his wife was standing the heat.

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