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Best Massage On the Cheap St. Louis 2001 - Missouri College Student Massage Clinic

Missouri College Student Massage Clinic

1405 S. Hanley Road

Brentwood, MO 63144


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Although some may flinch at the notion of trusting their locks to beauty-college students, only the most elitist should hesitate to offer their bodies to the cause of education. Missouri College offers massage training and licensure (an associate's degree in occupational studies), preparing students in integrating "the art and individuality of bodywork into a medical model." An hourlong full-body massage costs only $25, and though you sacrifice the chi-chi atmosphere, once you fill out the initial "medical history/problem of concern" forms and go behind the curtain with your therapist, the New Age music takes over and the hour flies by. You can never have the same masseuse more than twice; the students want as much varied experience as possible, which in turn gives clients access to a sampling of student work.
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