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Best Place To Buy (and Sell) Stereo Equipment St. Louis 2001 - Alpha Tech Electronics

Alpha Tech Electronics

1502 S. Big Bend Blvd.

Richmond Heights, MO 63117


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Nothing beats the sound of music coming out of a tube amp. You can't top the deep, deep sound of a well-pressed piece of vinyl played on a nice turntable. If you're a CD nut, the sound had better be funneled through huge floor speakers, not weak, "sensible" bookshelf speakers. If you like your music deep, and you like your equipment lived in, Alpha Tech Electronics is the place to get your audio-geek rocks off. They don't sell new equipment, a major problem for most consumers, but they know the best of the new retailers (we nominate the nuts at the Speaker and Stereo Store on Manchester in that category) and won't hesitate to offer you options and opinions. But on the wall of their shop (and in the remarkable mind of owner Zaw Win) is a list of used components for sale, and that list includes some big, beefy units with enough muscle to explode the neighbors' eardrums. We've purchased amazing, classy equipment there, especially a steroid-enhanced Marantz receiver and, joy of all joys, an Empire turntable from the mid-'70s made of walnut that uncovers in old LPs a sound far superior to that of a compact disc.
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If someone is looking for some vintage/high end stereo equipment, I have listed equipment that I am currently not using anymore. I am selling the following items.

Adcom  Amp GFA 5800

Adcom Receiver GTP 500

Adcom  speaker seletor

Adcom Remote

Yamaha DF 60 Timer

Pioneer Dynmanic Expander EX 9000

Pioneer Reverb SR 80

ADC Freq Equqlizer

2 Infinity SM 150 speakers

2 Cerwin Vegas speaker

2 Magapan speakers

I also have other stereo equip, Luxman amp/pre amp

Sony Class ?? pro Amp

cass deck, cd player

if interested please email me: 

John Michel
John Michel

Need a dust cover for a Technics SL DD33 Turntable. If someone out there has one they would like to get rid off, I will take it if the price is reasonable, keeping in mind that the blue book value of the turntable with dust cover is only $3.95.


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