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Best Radio Gimmick St. Louis 2001 - "Keep Rollin'!" segment, KATZ (100.3 FM)

Most nights of the week on 100.3 The Beat, you can hear unabashed joy. It comes at the hands of Big Sexy Cool DJ Kaos, who, with a little help from modern technology, conducts a segment called "Keep Rollin!" The concept is pretty simple: We've got cars; we've got phones; we've got radios -- let's make it happen! Callers describe what they're driving. (Caveat lector: If your wheels amount to a piece of shit, Kaos will clown you.) Kaos then asks where the caller is driving through/to. After this information is established, Kaos exclaims, "Freak a li'l sumpin' for the LoLo!" Giddily, the callers lay on their horns as Big Sexy Cool DJ Kaos screams at the top of his lungs, "KEEP ROLLIN'!" The ecstatic ridiculousness is irresistible. And on a big-money corporate cog such as The Beat? Keep rollin', indeed, Big Sexy.
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