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Best Burgers St. Louis 2002 - O'Connell's Pub

O\'Connell\'s Pub

O'Connell's Pub

4652 Shaw Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63110


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Readers' Choice: Blueberry Hill
Lots of places brag about their burgers. O'Connell's doesn't have to. It's got the reputation and backs it up with every medium-rare it produces. Hamburgers here are moist, seasoned just right and bursting with that heavenly cooked-ground-beef flavor. They're served on the requisite toasted sesame-seed bun, along with the obligatory onion slice and pickle wedge. Ask to have the onions grilled, if you like. Order cheese, or don't. Rare, medium-rare, medium-well, well, whatever. It will come exactly as ordered and surpass even the fondest memory of your previous O'Connell's encounter. O'Connell's interior is dimly lit, perfect for exposing the dark mystery of the turn-of-last-century memorabilia hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. O'Connell's has been a St. Louis institution since the heyday of Gaslight Square, and it survives with gusto, probably because all of the meat it consumes. This place is a carnivore's delight.
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dont know what the hype is about burgers at oconnells...yes it was grilled nicely and to the proper doneness ordered..but where is the seasoning??? Mustard and Ketchep can only do so much!! And wow!! the garbage must be overflowing with paper plates!! didnt really enjoy that aspect either...why in this day and age would anyone use that many paper plates?? And sorry, I think u can find good tomatoes here...try the Soulard Market!! And everyone in my group of 8 felt the same way!!


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