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Best Place to Watch Another Major Sporting Event While the Cardinals Are on TV St. Louis 2002 - The sofa in your living room

One would think that, in the midst of the NBA finals, a certain Soulard watering hole with three television sets might take the proactive step of having the Lakers-Nets on just one itty-bitty boob tube while the Cardinals take on the Royals in a meaningless early-season game. Wrong. After much arm-twisting, this hoop dream might become reality, but come on -- should it really take any arm-twisting at all? It's the NBA fucking finals and, besides, even at this early stage it's obvious that the Cards will roll through their crummy-ass division anyway, rest assured. So what's a paltry game against the shitso crosstown rivals worth in early June? Plenty, in St. Louis. On the eighth day, God created the Redbirds. It's a double-edged sword for the hoop fan, especially the non-native. And you wonder why St. Louis can't land a pro-hoop franchise.
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