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Best Store for New CDs St. Louis 2002 - Vintage Vinyl East

Readers' Choice: Best Buy
It may be a trick of perspective, but it looks from here as if the city's compact-disc retailers get squarer by the day. Seems there's precious little shelf space left for anything avant and undanceable. So, for those whose minds are free but whose asses aren't following, you've got some driving to do. Whereas the University City Vintage Vinyl jazz selection has bled to pale and the esoterica has been mainstreamed, Vintage in Granite City has been developing a stock to call out your inner oddball. Who else would devote serious linear feet to the back catalogs of Rashied Ali and Loren MazzaCane Connors (Ignore the fact that employee Darin Gray appears on a couple of the latter's offerings.) In short order, you can flip from Milford Graves to Gyorgy Ligeti to Harry Partch to Wadada Leo Smith. And someone here has a fine sense for the Chicago Now scene, augmenting the store's collection of Vandermark circle regulars with discs by David Boykins and 8 Bold Souls. What higher praise than to note that that collaborative Don Cherry/Krystof Penderecki set makes a certain sense here?
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Granite Chicago
Granite Chicago

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