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Best Thoroughfare for Dodging Traffic at Any Hour St. Louis 2002 - Arsenal Street

St. Louis traffic is mild compared with that in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles when it comes to transportation planning and managing urban sprawl. Still, there are a couple of totally annoying elements of the daily asphalt grind: way too many four-way stops and looooooong stoplights. Zip a strip such as Delmar, Lindell or Natural Bridge, and you're likely to encounter both glitches. To the south, however, lies the brewery-splitting Arsenal drag. Although considerably heavier on the four-ways than the aforementioned arterials, stoplights and congestion are relatively scarce on Arsenal, making the wire-to-wire roll from Broadway to McCausland pleasant and palatable. With Arsenal in your driving arsenal (bah-dum-bump!), road rage becomes a thing of the past.
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