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Best Vegetarian Deli St. Louis 2002 - Juhari's

The vibe is one reason to visit Juhari's, located inside the Golden Grocer in the Central West End, but the restaurant's food is even more compelling. Offering a selection of vegetarian, vegan and raw food, the menu that ranges from Sojourner Scrambled Tofu and Veggie Bacon for breakfast to the Marcus Garvey Burger BLT and the Queen Ann Nzingha Club for lunch, with desserts such as peach cobbler and carrot cake as finishers. On Sundays, Juhari's offers a jazz brunch, but those who choose to go rather than stay can buy many items by the pound: "tuna" salad, "chicken" salad, African stew and more, all vegetarian and all passed across the counter with "Have a blessed day" as the staffer peacefully sends you, fortified, back out into the beautiful world.
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MV Williams
MV Williams

Congratulations Mama Marquita! Your vegi food has ALWAYS been the best! I still have never had anything better than what you cook up! I am so glad you are still going strong with your food. I will definitely be there asap to pick up a delicious delicacy from your deli. Peace and Blessings!


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