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Best Car Wash St. Louis 2003 - Waterway Gas & Wash

Waterway Gas & Wash

Waterway Gas & Wash

10559 Old Olive St. Road

Creve Coeur, MO 63141


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Readers' Choice: Waterway Gas & Wash
Next time you want to wash off the city grime and give your car a shiny suburban sheen, at least for a few days, drive out to Creve Coeur. Washing a car isn't rocket science. But since the first Waterway Gas and Wash opened in 1970, the folks there have streamlined it into a seamless and efficient process, a combination of automated precision and hands-on detail. It's quick and easy, but it's thorough, too -- and pretty cheap, starting at $8.99 for a basic wash and vacuum. (The top-of-the-line wash is $23.99.) Of the local chain's seven St. Louis outposts (there are more in Kansas City and Denver), the Creve Coeur location is the toniest. After all, what's more well-scrubbed than Creve Coeur?
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steve harper
steve harper

Best in St Louis? They broke the key off in the ignition of my Porsche and then told me it was obviously my fault as they do "thousands of Porsches a day and never have had a problem" and then informed me that they never pay on claims like this. CLAIMS LIKE THIS after just telling me they have never had a claim. I was offered discount coupons instead of reimbursement for the $95 it cost me to have the damage repaired. If this is the best St Louis has to offer I am buying a bucket and some soap to do it myself. Your car may not be the only thing getting hosed at Waterway.


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