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Best City Park for Public Sex St. Louis 2003 - Sister Marie Charles Park

Sister Marie Charles Park

Sister Marie Charles Park

Elwood St. and S. Broadway

St. Louis, MO 63111

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There are just not many places to get a decent look at the river that made St. Louis possible. One good spot is the parking lot and stretch of green grass just south of Bellerive Park (see "Best Picnic Spot" in Sports & Recreation), around the 6000 block of South Broadway, just inside the city limits. Named for Sister Marie Charles, the park facing the Mississippi looks to be awfully popular, but all those men there didn't show up to watch the barges float by and ponder the meaning of life. The area between the railroad tracks and the river is where the serious business goes on, but sometimes bobbing heads can be seen in the front seats of the cars and trucks in the parking lot.
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Dan Fanetti
Dan Fanetti

I have to wonder if this is 'word of mouth' or if you spent some time at this location to witness this activity? Being the professional reporter that I'm convinced you must be - I'd have to guess you witnessed this or you would have indicated that it was word of mouth.If it was word of mouth it would be sorta like you reporting about the activity taking place in your carport (while you were out investigating Sister Marie Charles Park) because one of the neighborhood kids told you about it.Just wondering if I'm correct in assuming the quality of your reporting character or if I'm being foolish for thinking there's any character their at all?


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