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Best Delicatessen St. Louis 2003 - Two Cents Plain

Readers' Choice: Salvato's Café and Deli Market
As it says on Jack Carl's business card, "2¢ Plain" used to mean a large glass of seltzer with no syrup. What can you get for a couple pennies nowadays at Jack Carl's Two Cents Plain? "Nothing!" he'll yell at you if you're dumb enough to ask. What he does have, however, is worth prying your wallet open a few inches further for: Melted Swiss atop perfect pastrami between two slices of fresh rye, homemade soups (go for the chili) and red cream soda (tastes just like regular cream soda, only it's red) from the fountain. If you're still hungry, get a piece of the apple strudel. The food is the main attraction, but Jack himself is the sideshow, harassing customers who don't order what he tells them to. Our advice? Obey.
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Peter Binder
Peter Binder

You still have not mentioned the Knishs they are to die for, beef and potato (the beef is better)


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