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Best Local TV Commercial St. Louis 2003 - Becky's Carpet and Tile Superstore

Becky's TV spots (most often seen during the late-night hours on second-tier networks) feature her as the Queen of Carpet, floating above the Arch in a fairy-godmother get-up, selling carpet at UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICES!!! The special effects are strictly 1950s B-movie standard, but the spots are so far beyond silly that they have more than just ironic appeal. Becky's dress-up game is, in fact, plum endearing, especially when compared to the dirt-cheap (ahem) campaigns of other local retailers.
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Will someone please put these Beck's Carpet and Tile Superstore ads on I grew up in St. Louis and I love them. We don't have her lovely flying carpet spots here in NY and I am dying to see them again!


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