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Best Weekend Getaway St. Louis 2003 - Hermann

Readers' Choice: Lake of the Ozarks
It is a problem, this lack of distinct getaway options when you live in the middle of the prairie. Drive four hours in any direction and still no mountains, man. No ocean, no surfing, no nothin'. Just drag racing on county roads, bowling and an occasional state fair -- that's all we got. Accepting our landlocked limitations while submitting that the best way to travel is by ground, we hereby suggest Hermann, the tiny mid-MO villa inhabited by frisky Germans who make Missouri wine and tend to their many bed-and-breakfasts with the care and knowledge that we visitors are gonna be gettin' it on in their comfy beds after a night of heavy sipping. Hermann's got an air of otherness that best illustrates the notion of getaway; it actually is kinda sorta like leaving the Midwest Wonder Bread behind and sneaking to another part of the world, a region very much unlike our own -- with hills and water and wine and knickknacks and a gentle breeze.
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