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Best Whole Roast Chicken St. Louis 2003 - Boston Market

Boston Market

Boston Market

6690 Clayton Road

Richmond Heights, MO 63117


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You know the drill: It's getting late, you're hungry and another pizza is out of the question. And really, how much macaroni-and-cheese can you feed the kids and still keep a clear conscience? That scenario, and variations on it, explain why an increasing number of people are picking up whole rotisserie-roasted chickens at their local grocery stores. It's called "home meal replacement" -- i.e., home-style meals customers purchase and take home -- and it's one of the hottest trends in the takeout market. Add a vegetable side dish and a quick pilaf, and you've got a (relatively) healthy meal. More often than not, we buy our ready-made birds at Boston Market. Known as Boston Chicken in the early 1990s, the chain overexpanded and ultimately had to file for bankruptcy. McDonald's bought them out, scaled back operations and got things back on course. It's a far cry from "slow food," but a whole chicken from Boston Market is undeniably tasty -- bigger and more flavorful than the typical supermarket variety, always crisp on the outside, succulent inside.
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