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Best Buttermilk Pie St. Louis 2004 - Mama's Coal Pot

Think of pound cake soaked in milk. Yellow cake batter, a bit undercooked. Chess pie with a smidge more tang. Made with the most basic of baking ingredients -- eggs, butter, flour, sugar, pinches of vanilla and nutmeg and, of course, buttermilk -- buttermilk pie has always been a staple of classic Southern soul food, but it has never received name recognition on par with chitlins, barbecue or even sweet-potato pie. One place that refuses to let the legacy die: Mama's Coal Pot, where individual Saran-wrapped slices sit right beside the countertop cash register, tempting those who come for the renowned ribs to indulge instead in an all-dessert lunch. With its delightfully squishy center and just-sweet-enough taste, buttermilk pie is something everyone should try, and Mama's Coal Pot is the place to do so.
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