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Best Chocolate St. Louis 2004 - Bissinger's



32 Maryland Plaza

St. Louis, MO 63108


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Breakfast may never be the same: Bissinger's opens at 9 a.m. Forget the cereal. Leave the eggs in their shell. You need a hot cup of freshly brewed java, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. If you're lucky and it's July, try an eye-opening chocolate-covered raspberry, the best you'll ever taste. And hey -- it's fruit! September means uniquely luscious blackberries (covered in chocolate). May flowers bring chocolate-covered strawberry showers. In between you'll have to survive on Champagne truffles, molasses puffs, pecan caramel bars, cordials, opera crèmes.... So many chocolates, such a good time! If you're feeling naughty, ask the nice man behind the counter for one of Satan's nipples (an unusual cranberry-flavored truffle) and don't tell him where you learned its nickname. No wonder Mom always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day.
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