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Best Flea Market St. Louis 2004 - Frison Flea Market

Frison Flea Market

Frison Flea Market

7025 St. Charles Rock Road

St. Louis, MO 63133


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Elsewhere -- in, say, Pevely, home to the region's largest weekly flea market -- the bounty is more plentiful, but Frison is worldwide. The vibe at this north-side market, which opens its doors every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, is afternoon flea party, a rollicking clash of cultures, from Hispanic to Bosnian to African-American to hoosier. A dude selling cast-iron low riders and Homies shills his gear near a rack of throwbacks, which sits around the corner from a combination nunchuck, bong, cologne and clothing emporium, which is across the aisle from a bling watch dealer, who's down the way from a gentleman who specializes in classic Penthouse magazines. If you leave Frison's empty-handed, that's your own damn problem. The market is located right next to the St. Charles Rock Road MetroLink stop, which means the area's oddest assortment of essentials, nonessentials and consumers is only a train ride away.
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I recently moved back to the Midwest after seven years in the Pacific Northwest. Finding myself bored on a beautiful Sunday morning, I searched around online for a nearby flea market. I've never been to any flea markets on the west side of the river, and after reading the praise bestowed upon the Frison Flea Market in the "Best Of" special, I decided that I had to check it out.

I'll give credit to the writer that the items mentioned in the article were indeed there (bling, clothing, and Penthouse); however, that's about the extent of variety I found. Find the article about Frison Flea Market and do the following: (1) Cross out Hispanic and Bosnian - none there today. There may have been ONE ethnic (Middle Eastern/Indian?) space operating. (2) Underline hoosier - I think I came across maybe five White Caucasian dealers who were the main (but not SOLE) culprits of making the flea market look extremely trashy and tacky... their stuff piled and stacked to the ceiling and/or thrown in piles with no semblance of order or attempts to make their "treasures" appealing to the eye - or even VISIBLE, for that matter. (3) Highlight, bold, AND underline African-American... lots of hip hop clothing, shoes, and bling abounded. Do all of this and THEN re-read the article. Only then will you have an accurate representation of this flea market.

For anyone who hasn't gone, don't waste your time. Usually, in a place that size, I can spend a couple of hours poking around and looking at everything. Today, I couldn't even force myself to stay an hour. For anyone who hasn't gone, don't waste your time. If you DO, then "that's your own damn problem".


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