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Best FM Radio Personality St. Louis 2004 - "Radio Rich" Dalton

Readers' Choice: Howard Stern
Commercial FM rock radio is a washout, a racket we skip over in search of greener aural pastures. But we make an exception for KIHT-FM (96.3), commonly known as K-HITS. Why? Decent (classic-) rockin' and genial, veteran DJs, in particular "Radio Rich" Dalton. A KSHE jock from back in that station's better days (he still pulls a Sunday-night gig there), Dalton saw action all over the dial before he took over K-HITS' weekday lunch shift, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Spinning evergreen '60s and '70s classic rock, Dalton will comment intelligently and insightfully on what he plays -- and with the chops to back it up: He's a guitarist himself, with a deep knowledge of the music. Radio Rich is easy like Sunday mornin'.
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Cheryl Sitek
Cheryl Sitek

Wanted to let Rich know how much my husband, John Sitek and I enjoyed his show at the Sheldon Friday evening, August 20, 2010. My husband doesn't dance but enjoys good rock and roll. So, while I danced in my seat, he listened intently. McBride turned out some great musicians and friends. Keep rockin'! Look forward to seeing you at another venue.