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Best Gun Shop St. Louis 2004 - Mid America Arms

Mid America Arms

Mid America Arms

8205 Gravois Road

Concord, MO 63123


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Mid America Arms is what is known in the trade as a surefire hit. Whether they're in need of pistols or revolvers, rifles or shotguns, discriminating Second Amendmentarians head to Mid America. The shop carries a broad selection, and its owners have contracted with more than 60 distributors and manufacturers that will ship firearms directly to your doorstep. Mid America Arms offers free delivery (within a 30-mile radius) for gun safes and holds the distinction of being the St. Louis area's sole distributor of Shooting Systems and Assault Systems nylon gear. The south-county gun shop is not only an NRA recruiter, it also carries the occasional pre-ban weapon. Take for instance the aging Uzi the shop housed until a few weeks ago. Long banned from entering the U.S., the semiautomatic retailed for a cool $899.95. The diminutive assault weapon's firepower is no laughing matter, and the store's sales staff was quick to detect any would-be commandos. "Sir, that is a federal offense," a staffer warned when asked about modifying the purse-size Israeli weapon to fully automatic. "I would not suggest it unless you want to spend twenty years in the hole."
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