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Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Female) St. Louis 2004 - Vickie Newton

Readers' Choice: Karen Foss
KSDK-TV (Channel 5)
Vickie Newton is no bubble-headed bleached blonde. But if she ever decides to ditch Larry Conners as co-anchor of KMOV-TV (Channel 4)'s evening newscast, she could star in one of Herbal Essence's erotic shampoo commercials. Vickie's sleek, black hair is gorgeous, bouncy and sexy. Her thick locks frame her elegant face then playfully flip upward on her shoulders. Vickie's got the kind of hair that commands attention, which is a good thing, given that Larry's monotone voice has been known to knock viewers into a coma. No wonder Vickie won an Emmy in 2003. With hair like that, she might win the Nobel Prize.
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