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Best Local TV Commercial St. Louis 2004 - Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Beer & Liquor (low-carb version)

An obvious choice, perhaps, but a worthy one. Seriously, who among us wouldn't recognize Dirt Cheap chief cheapskate Fred Teutenberg on a city street? This year, though, the folks at Dirt Cheap decided to come clean about a dirty little secret. That's right kids, the Dirt Cheap Chicken used to be -- gasp! -- fat! Thanks to a low-carb approach to eating, drinking and, uh, smoking, the Chicken is now lean and healthy. The before and after pictures prove it! If you listen, you can almost hear carb-counting winos across hoosierland breathe a collective sigh of relief before heading over to Dirt Cheap, the last refuge of the persecuted carb-counter.
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