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Best Neighborhood Bar (Mid-County) St. Louis 2004 - Krueger's



7347 Forsyth Blvd.

Clayton, MO 63105


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Readers' Choice: Blueberry Hill
The lobby of the Ritz-Carlton is a nice place to avail yourself of a martini, but let's be honest: It's no place to grab a basket of wings and a brew. Even those who are lodging in style at the Ritz would be well advised to walk a block down Forsyth Bouelvard to Krueger's to satisfy their bar bar jones. From the marlin on the wall to the smoke-stained Bud mirrors to the almost entirely deep-fried menu, Krueger's, located just over the municipal line in U. City, is everything that Clayton isn't. With a classic jukebox selection and a few TVs (tuned to the game, natch), you can grab yourself a pitcher and feel miles away from the highfalutin few just down the block -- those who'll never know the joys of cheap booze and casual fun.
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T. Bledsoe
T. Bledsoe

On 3/28/2007, myself and 2 co-workers went to pick up our lunch. The owner was really rude. While one of my co-workers was looking at the menu he snatched it out of her hand. So she asked, \"Did you snatch that? \" He replied, \"yes.\"She refused to get her food, which I can\'t say that I blame her. He then told her if she wants to leave she can. He also told myself and my other co-worker that we could leave too and not come back. Now is this what you call customer service? THIS WAS BEING PREJUDICE!!!!!!!! It was like he had an attitude when we walked through the door.


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