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Best Place to Eat Out Alone St. Louis 2004 - DB's Sports Bar

DB\'s Sports Bar

DB's Sports Bar

1615 S. Broadway

St. Louis, MO 63104


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Distractions are what you're looking for when dining solo. Either that or newfound company. Have it both ways at DB's. As at any sports bar worth its salt, TV sets aplenty broadcast the game (or the endless armchair commentary when the game hasn't started yet). There's another notable diversion at DB's -- or we should say, there are pairs of them, affixed at the chest to the well-tanned waitresses sporting teeny T-shirts -- that we might feel ashamed to mention here if they didn't damn near slap us in the face every time we walked into the joint. And to be fair, the mostly male clientele has its attributes too. They'll talk sports with you at the drop of a baseball cap, making for some nice side dish as you work your way through blue-plate specials like meat loaf, lasagna and roast beef. What, no breast of chicken?
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