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Best Place to Meet Single Men St. Louis 2004 - Upper Limits Rock Gym & Pro Shop

Upper Limits Rock Gym & Pro Shop

326 S. 21st St.

St. Louis, MO 63103


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If belaying, shirtless hunks isn't your idea of a good time, by all means stay away from Upper Limits climbing gym downtown. "It's a great place to meet people," a helpful staffer tells us. "We have a lot of people who start dating because they met there." Men are said to be more common on the scene than women, and the average climber is in his early 30s. "Climbing is just by nature an activity you do with someone else, because you need someone to manage the ropes," the staffer imparts. Worst-case scenario for women: You meet buff men but they're all taken, or gay. No problem -- you'll just have to take the long view. Boy Scout troops make regular pilgrimages to Upper Limits as well, says our staffer buddy.
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